Escapist Podcast: 127: Twitch Plays Pokemon & Game of Thrones Season 4

127: Twitch Plays Pokemon & Game of Thrones Season 4

This week, we discuss Twitch plays Pokemon and Sony's move to a yearly Spider-Man release.

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Porn, but as global tactical strategy (XCom-style)
I just wrote whole bunch of ideas of how this could be implemented, but after reading it I felt so ashamed and disgusted of myself that I decided to remove it.
Lets just say that one of ideas involved midget transsexual and a donkey

P.S.1st comment and I already managed to go into messed up places. You're welcome!

Paul Bettany is Jarvis/The Vison. James Spader is Ultron in the next Avengers movie.

Sorry but it's a pretty important distinction.

Edit: re multiplayer games on different consoles/platforms. The server talking to a client is not the same thing as the game running on a client, the server is totally platform agnostic, the client just has to talk to the server in a certain way, LIKE THE INTERNET. ahem, sorry. basically the server is not running the game, it's facilitating the players to see each other. It's a pure business decision to not allow cross platform.

While I have met both Justin and Schuyler in real life. On the video screen they look like twins. I always just listen to be audio file.

I think you'll find Battle Pope to be a fair bit more blasphemous than Preacher.

It would be pretty helpful if you put in the description where you talk about what, especially if you talk about spoilery stuff, so it would be easy to avoid topics you don't want to hear.

Didn't you use to do that?


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