8 Good Reasons To Dust Off Your PS2

8 Good Reasons To Dust Off Your PS2

Sony's PS2 turns 14 today, so let's celebrate with eight of the best PS2 exclusives. There are over 800 of them, so we may have missed your favorites, but here are just a small list of some the standouts.

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Love my Ps2.
I imported an American Ps2 recently so I'm catching up on all the stuff that never made it here.

Ps1 and ps2 JRPG's galore!

Image 6 is clearly from Devil May Cry 4, which never game out on PS2, and wasn't even Sony exclusive.

Other than that... yeah those are some PS2 games.

No Persona 4?! Tisk tisk...

Yeeeeaaah, about that Devil May Cry entry...that image is from Devil May Cry 4...

This is a rather weak list.

Several of these games are available in HD Collections and/or have superior sequels on modern systems.

This would have been a better list if it had focused "On PS2 Only" titles.
A REAL reason to dust off your PS2, instead.

Needed Front Mission 4, sequel to one of my favorite turn based strategy games of all time. Also I love Naval Ops: Warship gunner, designing my own ships and then using them in battle makes it one of the best games for any system.

Stop. For the love of God, stop with these lists. Who on the escapist approved of these?

If we're just listing games as reasons to go back to the PS2, 8 is not even close to enough. There's literally hundreds of great if not amazing games for the PS2. Additionally, many of the listed titles are not even close to being the best the PS2 has to offer.

Some of those games are very good but most of them have HD remakes so they're not exactly compelling arguments to "dust off" the PS2.

And why is that Devil May Cry 4 which wasn't on PS2?

Stop. For the love of God, stop with these lists. Who on the escapist approved of these?

I would've said something like this but I thought it would incur mod wrath. A small number of the lists are OK, but stuff like "8 reasons Link is Still Relevant", which is literally just a list of Zelda games in chronological order, though, just feels lazy. If the lists are going to continue, either make them more interesting with some amount of rationale and and thought behind them, or just give in to making in dumb and have more stuff like the 8 Animal Hugs list.

Dust off my PS2? No need, all I have to do is pop my discs into my PC and load it up on PCSX2. Aw yeah.

That said, what a poor list. Ico, Shadow, and Devil May Cry can all be had as HD collections.

And no Final Fantasy XII? For shame. There's an actual reason to dust off the PS2.

Kind of upset that I only have around five PS2 games. I was a Nintendo kid, and while I do value my gamecube collection...kind of wish I could've walked in both worlds.

Really? No God of War or Persona 2? Those are amazing games. Persona 4 is why I got a PS2 in the first place.


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