Suicide and Bullying: Can Video Games Be a Lifeline?

Suicide and Bullying: Can Video Games Be a Lifeline?

Developers weigh in on how video games are helping young people cope with real world issues like bullying and suicide.

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I can't tell you how immeasurably worse my life in middle and high school would have been without video games. Now I see them as an art form, but before they were my life. Thank you for letting me know these games exist. Maybe I'll make a donation.

After reading this it made me consider what was it that saved me from my depression. There some game's a remember fondly even if they were really bad because they were able to let me let go for a bit of an adventure and out of my life, maybe they did save me. Also Good for EA, we finally found something they did right.

Adept Mechanicus:
I can't tell you how immeasurably worse my life in middle and high school would have been without video games. Now I see them as an art form, but before they were my life. Thank you for letting me know these games exist. Maybe I'll make a donation.

I used to take out most of my rage and frustration on games so I could get through the days in school, having an outlet is important.

I'm not so sure if games did help me in the past. But it's a YMMV thing.

I mean, I absolutely loved Katawa Shoujo, even if it is too idealistic(or bs, if you wanna call it that). It did provide me with an outlet, but at the same time hit me too hard. I felt I had to think things over afterwards.

And then you have a game like persona 4. I'm pretty sure some people pulled something out of it that they can liken to the article.

anyway, it's well-written, though you misspelled(sp?) letter. It's on page 2 in the first paragraph, where it talks about hepler receiving a 'latter'.

I myself can say that there is a definite connection. Im currently going through a severe emotional turmoil, and it seems games are the only thing keeping me from using a permenant solution to a temporary problem. Ive had the isolation emotions, the broken heart syndrome, feeling lost and without hope, and the irony is, Im not even young anymore, but most these problems arose when I was first diagnosed with cancer back in Sept 2012. And it only got worse from there on. Regardless of whatever happens, games have in many ways offered me a light at the end of a problematic tunnel, and I have to thank whatever deity exists for the escape they provide, since I feel like my whole life has completely gone topsy turvy, and without focus. Even sites about games, such as this one, have helped, so thank goodness Escapist....keep up the good work of bringing such games as these to light, perhaps they can help others the way even my own game library has helped me.

Video games were a very good friend in the times when I had none.

As much as people hate on WoW, it was the only reason I didn't throw myself of a building while I was in depression. My guild in WoW were the only friends I had freshman year of college (yes incredibly depressing, I know) when I was too depressed to actually leave my room cause I felt like I could talk and relate to them over ventrilo rather than a bunch of drunken hallmates. Heck even questing in WoW was enough for me most times (cause I'm a lore junkie). Good on these folks!

I think gaming played a massive part in helping me through bullying at school and depression. Primary school was hell for me I don't think a day went by where I wasn't being bullied. A new year began and I was shifted to a new school to try and fix the bullying problem, I was a nervous, scared and depressed wreck but all it took was for one of my now good friends to ask me if I liked video games.

Something so simple as just going over to his house and playing games helped pull me out of a very bad place. I still struggle with my past but I still think games have a part to play in getting over it. Since school I've learnt to shut people out, it has its uses but I need to be able to open up to others if I want to have a relationship etc.

I believe gaming would be a solution here too, having a good laugh with friends relaxes me enough that someone could try talking to me if they pushed my boundaries a little. I'm interested to see if gaming has had a similar effect on others... this forum post should be a good indication.

I've been a gamer ever since I tried to shoot the dog in duck hunt.The game that had the most influence on me was definetly
WoW.It ruined what little social life I had and my grades plummeted from above average to average and occasionally dipping below average.However it helped define myself as a person.Because of WoW I got used to being alone so I became quite quiet.From a kid that couldn't last more than a day in home without going out I went to the opposite.I haven't felt the feeling of loneliness in such a long time that I don't even remember what it feels like.Also back in the day I really was in to roleplaying in WoW,so that made my English skills skyrocket.

Kinda recently Civ V:Brave New World helped me raise my history grades from D to an A.Before that game I was just meh about History but now im fascinated by it and can't wait to start World War I and so on.

Need real help if your suicidal or being bullied, playing a game can help but its not actually dealing with the problem. But if it helps people then thats great, not saying it cant, just if suicidal thoughts are serious and the bullying is extreme then the person needs to seek help.


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