10 Incredible Hubble Telescope Images - And the Science Behind Them

10 Incredible Hubble Telescope Images - And the Science Behind Them

Sure these deep space images are awesome, but what exactly are you looking at?

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Thanks for making this one, I've always loved looking at pictures the Hubble's taken over the years.

Planetary nebulae are always a sight to behold.

They together with supernova remnants not only mark the end of the current generation of stars, but the beginning of a new generation.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the stars will sow the seeds of the next generation.

Amazing gallery, I loved it.


Visible light mage of a tiny region of space that looks back some 13 billion years. Most of those lights aren't just stars but entire galaxies, about 10000 of them. Who is still saying we're alone in the universe?

It becomes even harder to believe we're alone when one considers just how small a part of the sky that image represents for us.

that last one has a skull cannot unsee it now... and Number 5 looks like a guy holding a spear. Cool stuff.

Well, I have a new desktop wallpaper or two.

There's nothing quite like these images. They are what the word "awesome" was made for.


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