The Escapist Presents: BioWare's MMO vs Naughty Dog's FPS?

BioWare's MMO vs Naughty Dog's FPS?

Two of the biggest AAA developers square off in round one of March Mayhem 2014. Will the creators of The Last of Us manage to win against the developers behind Mass Effect?

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Any reason for no mention of Crash Bandicoot.

I'd say it's a rather large feather in Naughty Dog's hat.

Definitely agree with you guys on this one. Also important to remember that Naughty Dogs' games have been homeruns this past year. Bioware, on the other hand, has been hitting foul balls since Dragon Age 2.( And Mass Effect 3 ruined the trilogy.)

Citation Needed: Knights of the Old Republic 2 was developed by Obsidian, not Bioware.


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