The Escapist Presents: Firaxis Takes On Nintendo

Firaxis Takes On Nintendo

It's the king of strategy games versus the house of Mario! Which developer do you think is the best?

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I played SMB a couple of times in my childhood and didn't want more. I played Civilization for over ten years now, and still enjoy each its iteration, plus! - a great reviwal of XCOM. Firaxis wins for me soooo hard.

This is where i messed up, i voted before playing Xcom. Now that i have, and haven't stopped playing it, i can safely say that i regret my premature vote for Nintendo :( Its a shame we can not change our votes before the 10th.

Nintendo is the best developer in History.

I know they make lots of Mario games, but boiling Nintendo down to "they make Mario" never does them justice as a developer.

2013 wasn't a good year for Nintendo's financials, yet it was a great year for the games. Besides the ones mentioned in the video, there was also Fire Emblem: Awakening, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Pokemon X and Y, they had a great year.

Plus, it's hard to not talk about their extensive legacy of games and hardware they have developed. The fact they are still in the console race after so many years is pretty impressive, along with their dominance of the dedicated handheld market.

Firaxis has probably done great work itself, I haven't played any of their games, but I won't dispute they are fantastic in their own right. I just don't think pitting a developer against a console manufacturer/developer is really fair.

I'm a pretty big fan of Civ and XCOM but I don't think you can really compare that to some of the fuckin' heavy weight titles Nintendo releases pretty consistently. Even if 2013 was a shit year for Nintendo financially, they still gave us Super Mario 3D World which, if nothing else, shows that they can still make good games. Wind Waker HD was fine and dandy, Pikmin 3 was a damn good game, and while I haven't had the chance to try out Tropical Freeze, it at least seems like it'll be a good game.

Nothing against Firaxis; I've plundered thousands of hours across their games over the years, but I gotta give the vote to Nintendo.


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