The Escapist Presents: Strategy or Storytelling? Paradox vs. Double Fine!

Strategy or Storytelling? Paradox vs. Double Fine!

The designers of Europa Universalis 4 is up against the creators of The Broken Age. Who will win the day?

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Haven't played anything by Double Fine, this apparently makes me a pleb but so be it, and yet I have heard quite a bit about them. They're pretty visible when compared to Paradox but... Paradox is amazingly good at what they do. Easily being the best developer/publisher I've ever encountered in terms of ongoing support for their titles, regardless of financial success (East Vs. West...), and actively encouraging a very large base of modders who add continual value and re-playability to their products.

Double Fine is probably going to win on its publicity alone but I can't imagine enjoying anything more than I enjoy CK2.

They're both amazing.


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