The Escapist Presents: Commander Shepard or Gordon Freeman?

Commander Shepard or Gordon Freeman?

Two AAA developers, Valve and Bioware, square off in this no-holds barred match!

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haha Half-life 3 in five days... yes please.

This is prob the toughest match up for me. I enjoy games from both. Dragon age and mass effect are some of my favorites. However so Portal, Half-Life, and Team Fortress. a big negative for Bioware due to DA2, and we have Valve FTW.
oh yes, there will be cake

Bioware must be good because they made promises of a game you havent seen? Thats one of the worst arguments out there.

Commander Shepard without a single doubt for me.

Even though I would probably rate the Half-Life series higher overall than the Mass Effect series, Freeman wasn't much of a character. Even though I feel strongly about the series, I do not really give a damn about Freeman himself, he's just a vessel for the player to act through.

Gordon Freeman is a cool dude, but Shep wins. Who else has the charisma (or intimidation) to rally up all the aliens, make love to said aliens, and save the universe using the aliens against the evil aliens three times in a row? Gordon only did it 2.5 times.


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