Sonos Playbar Review

Sonos Playbar Review

At $699, it's expensive, but worth the money as a music-friendly soundbar.

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We have a bunch of sonos' in my shop, I haven't researched the stuff yet so this has been useful.

Thanks :)

I have 2 play 5's, a playbar and a sub myself.

I started with 2 play 5's, then got a sub and then got a playbar as soon as they were released.

The play 5, just on it's own, is about shoe box size and manages stereo audio with enough bass to shake a small room, it is nothing short of impressive.

I used the playbar and sub for the TV and when I wanted to play music I just joined the 2 play 5's in with the touch of a button.

Sonos is so seamless, it's not only the amazing sound quality but the functionality of the product. It takes minutes to set up and being able to have your entire music collection (including your playlists), thousands of free internet radio stations and pretty much any music streaming service you can think of available in app is just something I don't think I could do without after having the privilege for so long.

I found out about it during an optional training session for work a few years ago, the national manager (for lack of a better term) for Sonos Australia gave us the session, on a table he set up 2 play 3's and a Sub, he played Limit to your love by James blake at around 50% volume which was enough to noticeably vibrate my internal organs. The very next day I ordered my first play 5.

I will eventually get around to buying 2 play 1's as well for the 5.1 - I am just curious and the play 1's are rather cheap.

I've just been looking into this playbar and the whole Sono's wireless hi-fi as my hubby has finally decided he'll have to go digital with his music (trust me this is a big step, the man thinks technology peeked at the Betamax!)

I'll let him have a read of this review later, hopefully it may sway him to my way of thinking <>:]

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I'll stick with my old school hi-fi thanks.


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