8 Of The Best Game Over Screens Ever

8 Of The Best Game Over Screens Ever

With the release of Dark Souls 2 we give you a brief glimpse as to what it's like to lose in other games. Just so you aren't alone in your Dark Souls deaths.

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Well, people will have their own favourite game over screens, but I think that the old Sierra ones deserve a mention. Especially the Space Quest ones. Roger Wilco dies in some very unique ways!

List needs more Total Distortion's 'death by guitar warrior' game over screen.

Good job, Doctor, but I'm afraid you're hopelessly deluded. The clear winner, from a modification:

My two favorites, from Half-Life 2:

When pushing the buggy off a cliff:

Assignment: Terminated.
Subject: Freeman.
Reason: Failure to preserve mission-critical resources.

When jumping off the cliff:

Assignment: Terminated.
Subject: Freeman.
Reason: Demonstration of exceedingly poor judgement.

There's always the classic one from Missile Command: a blank screen with The End written in red letters... after your entire world was just blown up by nuclear weapons because you can never "win" Missile Command.

Downright haunting when you think about it.

What about Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter's Game Over?

Eh? Eh!

...Yeeeeaaah. Pretty effective, huh?

What about Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter's Game Over?

Man, I hope that's skippable. I've been working my way through Persona 3, and that game over screen takes about 30 seconds, and it's frustrating.

I like the Arkham Asylum GO screens, the villain coming out of the darkness and say there little victory phrase.


I immediately figured Ninja Gaiden for this list; Final Fight did something similar when it tied you to a stick of dynamite.

But for sheer, stark shock...

I was half-expecting Metal Gear Solid to be on here, but then again, the audio is what really made that one iconic.

My personal favorite was probably the one from God of War. YOU ARE DEAD.

Excuse me, but I believe this one deserves a mention:


as well as any of those N64 Rare games that you quit and have to see everytime, like Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64

I did love the Quantum Conundrum messages. Though I wished there were more of them.

One of my favorites, in a similar vein: the first Jak and Daxter game


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