Trailers: Infinite Crisis - "What Do You Fight For?" Trailer

Infinite Crisis - "What Do You Fight For?" Trailer

The Justice League takes on their biggest challenge yet.

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DC Exec 1: "Hey, the mmo thing didn't work out; what are the kids playing these days?"
DC Exec 2: "A google search tells me it's something called a MOBA."

I liked that intro trailer, but seeing as it's a moba it won't be anything near what the actual game is like. At least they didn't go for that sickening shock value the mmo trailer had. Infinite Crisis seems like it would have been a better setting for an mmo, too.

Yes, I'm being all negative about it. There's no way it'll compete with DOTA or LoL (day late and a dollar short), and I feel like they just keep missing out on what would be a great DC Universe game: an open world sandbox that isn't just limited to Batman.

I tried it. It is still Beta, so I won't be too harsh..BUT..Too few champions, as it stands right now. BORING practize map that takes forever. And worst of all: You don't start with any points to buy a champion. What enticed me to play the game was that I could possibly play as Captain Marvel. Well, to do that, I have to grind at least 10 matches (if I win all of them, that is) to buy him. There are only 6 champions available currently. At least LoL gives you free points from the start, enough to buy one champ.

Is baccon something I can fight for?


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