Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Pokemon Spinoffs Featuring The Warp Zone

Top 5 Pokemon Spinoffs Featuring The Warp Zone

Lisa and a special guest list off the best Pokemon games that aren't exactly focused on catching them all.

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My number one would be the TCG.

It was a great game. But also:

None of my friends played the TCG. They collected cards, but didn't know how to play. I lived in rural land so it was impossible for me to play with people who also played the TCG.

This game was the only way to enjoy the TCG and I played it to death. I just wish they'd do a Magic the Gathering with it.
There is the online thing...but that's just weird.

Even as someone who recently got back into pokemon only to quit it again later, :D I still enjoyed this episode.

But ya know what would be really cool?

If Lisa did a top 5 Metal Gear moments with Jim.

:D Maybe when Phantom Pain comes out.

Thanks for the show!

I'm going agree with Davis, and even before I watched this I was getting the itch to have another play through of Snap... I also like how some of the Stadium footage was from the second game, lol

So, yeah, Snap 2, needs to be done, chop chop Nintendo!

I loved Pokémon Stadium... but man, that transfer pack was flimsy as fuck, I remember that thing erased my saves like 3 times in less than 6 months >:C

Those minigames on the other hand... to this day, I still wish they could make a Mario Party style game with more of those sweet Pokémon Stadium minigames.

Pokemon Stadium and Snap are the shit!

I remember playing them all the time growing up, and I remember thinking it was the coolest thing in the world that my Game Boy game could be played on the N64 like that. Blew my God damn mind.

I've been meaning to check out the dungeon series as well as that Nobunaga spin-off since a friend of mine has it and has nothing but nice things to say about it.

Good list you guys! :D

David wins for having the Pokemon TGC game in his list.

More than being a cool idea for the time and a great pokemon game, the music was SHOCKINGLY good. Yea, some decent effort went into that spin-off.

Urgh, I hated the pinball spinoff game cos I suck so much in it (I find it almost impossible to capture any of the Pokemon)!

Snap is actually the only pokemon game I've ever owned (and I've never even had an N64); I spent so many hours playing that with my friends. I am totally on board with a sequel: the 3DS and the Wii U are perfect for it.

Wasn't there an early game that had a card reader on it? Or was that the TCG game?

That last one has me disappointed there's no Pokémon Hunter game.

So glad you guys mentioned Pokemon Pinball. That game was so awesome, I still kind of want to go out and find a copy (And a new Gameboy Advance SP) to once again try to catch 'em all. Though I also remember the game being incredibly hard. Some of the rare Pokemon required "traveling" six or seven times and THEN catch the rare Pokemon and THEN evolve it, sometimes twice.

I love Pokemon games and it's Spin-offs. I've played almost every game on both those lists. (I don't have a Wii or WiiU, and I still haven't got Conquest, but I want it)

My personal faves are.... actually that's a tough choice. Ranger Shadows of Almia was great and Guardian Signs too. I adored Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky (ending had me genuinely in tears) and also Colosseum.... and Stadium.....

Ok, I just love every Pokemon game I've ever played, and I have a BIG collection.

I have:
Red, Blue and Yellow
Gold, Silver and Crystal
Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald
Fire Red and Leaf Green
Heart Gold and Soul Silver
Diamond, Pearl and Platinum
Black, White and White 2
Stadium, Stadium 2 and Snap
Colosseum, XD and Channel (yes, I have Channel. That's how I got Jirachi)
Ranger, Ranger 2 and Ranger 3
Trading Card Game, Pinball and Pinball R&S
Mystery Dungeons Blue, Darkness, Sky and Gates to Infinity
Link and Link Battle (or Trozei in some regions)

Wow, that's 38 games. And this isn't "have owned at some point".. I STILL have every single one of them.

Snap is actually the only pokemon game I've ever owned (and I've never even had an N64); I spent so many hours playing that with my friends. I am totally on board with a sequel: the 3DS and the Wii U are perfect for it.

Wasn't there an early game that had a card reader on it? Or was that the TCG game?

The TCG used the printer for the Gameboy. It would let you print off Pokemon cards. Of course, they would be really shitty quality.

Also, I have no clue why there's no remastered Pokemon Snap even ANNOUNCED for the Wii U. The controller is absolutely PERFECT for the game. Come on Nintendo, the controller can operate exactly like a camera, how are you not on board with this?

Pokemon has been gifted to having some consistently good spin-offs. My favourites (in no order) would be Mystery Dungeon, Pinball, Trading Card Game, Puzzle League/Challenge, Snap, and Stadium (which are...pretty much all of the spin-offs I've played). Been meaning to get into Conquest and Colosseum/XD.

Also, I am in full agreement about bringing a Snap sequel to the WiiU. Come on, it'll be PERFECT and it's not hard to work in the touch pad either. Expand the Pokedex, more/bigger maps, more complex photography or Pokemon-picture-hunting mechanics (instead of it being just a simple rail "shooter"), and if you're feeling saucy maybe put in some simple photo editing and sharing. It's been a long time and there's A LOT you can do with it in the current technology.

What I want to know is, where did Lisa get that shirt?

I wish they'd make another Colosseum game! The story was so much more interesting than the same generic plot of the main series.
I also wish they'd release it on multiple consoles, because I don't want to buy a Wii U. XP

I was sitting there thinking, "If snap isn't on this list that invalidates the whole video." Then at the end, here comes snap.

Yay Davis, I love seeing the warp zone on this

I have never played anything poke e mon.. but I am intrigued by certain aspects. I also may now check out the Warp Zone as it has LIsa's stamp of approval.

One note, that pyscho pass intro is going to give me a seizure if I keep seeing it.. .ugh


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