We Are in a Gaming Golden Age - For Non-Gamers

We Are in a Gaming Golden Age - For Non-Gamers

Dean Takahashi from Venture Beat said a lot of rich folk are making money off of us gamers. The good news is that they will eventually die.

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Because movies have gotten so much better over the last HUNDRED YEARS and everything is always created by people who grew up with movies so the director/producer/writer etc are all passionate fans and there's no such thing as corporate decision-making influencing creation to attract the widest number of viewers or appeal to the lowest common denominator.

We're kind of screwed aren't we? I don't really see mainstream gaming getting better ever. I guess the consolation prize is this isn't just endemic to the game's industry; the bad news is it's endemic to EVERYTHING in our culture. TV, movies, book, games, publication, food, all of it is just full of "professionals" who know how to squeeze every single drop of blood from a product. That's why it's called mainstream, it's what the people with money are making; and the people with money know how to keep making money, that's why they're there in the first place.

I sadly don't share his optimism. Will the current CEO's die off or retire? Of course, but someone's going to replace them, and that person is going to be someone who was raised through the lens of the 1% as a youth, nepotism as a young adult, and steeped the current corporate culture of these companies as they go upwards while the current CEOs die off. And even if that someone is a 'gamer', the first priority and responsibility of that job is going to be the profits and the demands of stockholders. Absolutely nothing is going to change just because new-blood comes in, because that new blood is just the progeny (metaphorically or literally) of the old blood.

He forgets important details:
1) Nepotism.
2) Investors

Those alone will ensure gaming will remain exactly what it is: 95% Soulless Business.
But it's the sheer mediocrity of such soulless tripe that makes me appreciate the rare gems; so I don't despair.
At least, not yet. Not like I do for cinema (holy shit do I not want to ever go to the movies).

The problem with this theory is that death does not remove them. inheritance and automatic fund handling is even worse. Inheritance allows rich to remain rich no matter what. even death cant stop them. and im not saying remove inheritance. Im saying we shouldnt let them get so unequaly rich in the first place.

Also who says the new CEO will be a gamer? you know, gamers IS a small demographic. we may have the most expensive industry of all entertainment. but thats more because our games cost 10 times more than a DVD rather than we got 10 times more "gamers".


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