Papers, Please Dominates GDC and IGF Awards

Papers, Please Dominates GDC and IGF Awards

Papers, Please stole the show with a multitude of awards from both the Game Developers Choice Awards and Independent Games Festival Awards

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Uh oh, is that who I think it is in picture #3?

Let me just be the voice of reason and request that people focus on the event in general instead of fixating on her, regardless of how you view her.

Back on topic, it's nice to see Papers, Please getting due recognition. Sometimes less is more, and the game is a prime example of this. It's not "fun" in the traditional sense, but it's a very engrossing and thought-provoking experience nonetheless. My one major complaint is that it can feel too much like the drudgery of actual work, but that was intentional on the game's part.

Personally I feel like The Stanley Parable should have gotten more publicity, oh well. It's never about how good the game is, it's about how much media it gets.


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