See Shenmue Concept Art for the Sequels Never Made

See Shenmue Concept Art for the Sequels Never Made

The Japanese creator of one of the most ambitious game projects ever attempted finally shows us how he made the first truly open world game.

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Please... Stop. The memories T.T Greg Tito you are hurting me here.
I want the rest to come out ,hell I'll read the damn script just send it to me Yu Suzuki!

That reminds me that, even though I have the first one for DC and the second one on XBOX, I've never played them.

Dunno if I ever will, shifted from being curious and open minded for experimental games to mostly playing shooters and survival games over the years...

I love seeing concept art from things that never were, but this will undoubtedly spark a whole new wave of 'Sega should TOTALLY make Shenmue 3 am I right?' I love Shenmue in all it's Dreamcast glory, but it's time to let it go. It was ambitious, inventive, and totally doomed from the start. No-one will ever fund a sequel to one of the biggest commercial flops in history, and frankly, they shouldn't anyway. What it revolutionized back then is just standard gameplay now, so let it rest before we get a 'Shenmue: The Phantom Menace'.

Nadia Castle:
I love Shenmue in all it's Dreamcast glory, but it's time to let it go.

Nope! It is most definitely not. If I live long enough there will be a conclusion to that spectacular cliffhanger in Shenmue 2. Seriously, that is the one game that would make me buy an Xbone.

Now, Sega, quit being such a fucking tease.

Sega should just re-release this on digital platforms at this point. A lack of doing so only makes the game's memory die off due to lack of access.

didn't SEGA lose the rights or something? what happened with that? anyway on topic, I'm still holding out hope for Shenmue 3, what the hell kind of a world is this where Duke Nukem Forever got to exist and Shenmue 3 didn't?? it's not as if it would even be hard to make it, the engine for a modernized version of the gameplay basically already exists in the Yakuza games and I read years ago that the story was basically done so there would be virtually no creative heavy-lifting to be done, and it was voted the most wanted game on Xbox One (and pretty much the only thing that would make me buy one) and 3rd most wanted on PS4, (I think) the very idea that there isn't enough demand for it is ridiculous...

okay, maybe a large part of that is the fanboy in me talking, but even so, if SEGA still have the rights, then I don't think it's gonna happen, unless perhaps if they do an exclusivity deal with one of the console companies to help fund it, if SEGA were ever intent on funding it themselves they would have done so long before now.


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