Escapist News Now: Titanfall Bug Fixes, Mode Balancing

Titanfall Bug Fixes, Mode Balancing

Titanfall got a balancing update along with some bug fixes.

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So, about that link?

Actually quite enjoying Titanfall even though I don't play a lot of FPS's, especially online multiplayer ones.

Last FPS I finished was Shadow Warrior, and that's getting on a bit now.

cant really say i had any issues with it. even with the smart pistol i cant complain. still takes some time to lock on a pilot and i get hardly killed by one.

oh, and where is that link?

there is no link.
that probably should be fixed at some point

am i missing something? origin dint download anything for me. not even when i click on "check for updates".

The links are only in the Youtube description, not on the Escapist website. It's dumn but they've been doing it for at least as long as this show's been airing - I'd've though at least someone else would have noticed by now.


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