Why Tina of Bob's Burgers Can't Be Ignored

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Yet another Simpsons clone...

What in the world would make you call it a "Simpsons clone"? Because it's animated?

You might want to watch it before making such claims.


Do people actually watch this show?

It's easily the best animated comedy of the last decade. Perhaps you don't understand the humour? There are so many subtle jokes.

Unlike Family Guy or South Park, it doesn't point out all the jokes and beat you over the head with them. It has a lot of originality, and a real chemistry in the cast.

Perhaps you could provide an example? I freely admit that I watched virtually none of it because I found it so off putting, but it may perhaps have improved.

Casual Shinji:

Archer? Pfft. H. Jon Benjamin will always be Coach Mcguirk first and foremost.

Yeah no, he is and always shall be Ben Katz.

Touché. Well played.

She isn't as original as you'd think she is. MTV did the same thing in the 90's, this would be Daria.
Only was Daria more interesting and had a better personality. Mtv did it first, and did it better.

Ehhh, not so much. Daria was already well past the blossoming sexuality of pre-early teenage years. Extremely different characters, too. They weren't really exploring the same areas.

Bob seems to be reading too much into Tina. Of course she's an oddball and her awkwardness is played for laughs. It's one thing to write "Erotic Friend-Fiction" starring your classmates and teachers, but it's another to read it aloud in the cafeteria during lunch, where everyone is rightly grossed out. At first, I thought this article would say she had Asperger's Syndrome or something. That's why, among the Belcher kids, I find Gene and Louise way funnier.

Agreed. Gene and Louise have the best interactions I'd say by far, since they aren't pegged and forced into the "awkward" stereotype Tina is written into. She's probably the more grounded of the three, in a sense, but it's very loose ground in the end anyways.


So she's a female character that is written to be going through puberty like a male character would, and that's brilliant or honest?

And this is supposed to be progressive in some way? Yea, sure, if you say so.

Yeah I don't get Bob's Burgers period but Tina is a particular brand of uninteresting because the entire output of Disney and Nick have plenty of outgoing teen girls dealing with adolescence. The only difference I can tell is this is puberty in the sense its very physical and gross but even there it seems the focus is "look at ugly girl try to be sexy" which Meg Griffin, by inverting the princess obsession at the time of conception, beat her to.

Also there is a real sense of go nowhere and I don't get her or the other kids characters. Even the who "creativity" deal.

And did we all forget Daria too?

No doubt. There is plenty of stuff out there that has adolescent female characters written as actual adolescent females, and he wants to praise Bob's Burgers for writing one like a male?

It's pretty clueless on his part. I don't think he'll get as many feminist cookies as he expects for this one.

I don't know, Bob's Burgers seems like Family guy with no jokes and the characters are better people (they at least try to do what they think is right). Louise is a slightly older and female Stewie. Gene and Chris are basically the same. Tina is Meg but without the irrational hatred. Now, Family guy is a huge rip-off of the Simpsons but it added a lot to the formula. Bob's Burgers only took away from the things I like without adding anything new.

I also find the actor who portrays Linda... the voice he does is so grating I just want to change the channel. I don't like the art style much either but that wouldn't stop me if I liked the show. To me this show has always just seemed like a cynical cash in that tries very hard to make money by aping popular shows.

The only positive thing I have to say is that Kristen Schaal's voice acting is so over the top crazy it doesn't matter how bad the dialog is anything she says is still funny.


Elf Defiler Korgan:

Crawling into vents to spy on the boy's locker room?

"Snake, what are you doing?"

Swap the genders and you've got my adolescent fantasies right there.

The way of the ninja is often the way of the pervert.

*Leaps into the night*

Is this a thing outside of the US? Never heard of this show before.
Then again, I don't really watch TV.

Judging from the other comments I think the author of this article might be putting too much thought into the character.

Having abused Hulu. I will say there is more to Bob's Burgers. It has fun myth gags. Its also a modern sitcom not a take down OF a sitcom. Also part of it was I was shocked by the voice cast being, somewhat, incongruous with their characters.

Bob is actually a pretty stand up guy. And I know H. Benjamin Jon mostly as dubious characters (not only on Home Movies and Archer but Key&Peele as well) Bob by contrast is something of a reverse jackie from the honeymooners. He has the talent but lacks the eye and ambition and near zilch in macho aggression. The real star seems to be the community with every character being some sort of crazy or sadsack. Its also more consciously class driven.
Part of it, at least the episodes I tried lately from the third season, is they have perfected cast herding so all the plotlines don't feel like being stuck in a room with screaming premadonna brats so much as a means to observe them and find they aren't all bad.

I can also understand the appeal of Tina. She's a drole deadpan snarker who does stuff modern teen girls do but not presented in a totally mean or vapid way. Mind that's far from unusual but that she's part of an overall cast and the oldest and other things...she's likely very appealing to quote and report and examine and at the same time root for in her quest for womanhood when she can see how it can fail with examples about her. The romantic, the greedy cynic, and exuberant creative.
I also feel this is one show with an eye to the working class that keeps them working class and not just upper class who decided to slum it or how upper class thing lower class works. ITs the touches along with the racial diversity and other characteristics.

So it is a good show but at the same time not appoinment viewing. I'd call it...a very well made sitcom that's neither edgey or retrograde. Just is. And that can work for a show if you come to appreciate the characters and their workings. Admittedly I only cottoned with the season finale and its song extravaganza and Bond like teaser.

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