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Mount & Blade is one of the few examples of a modding community that developed alongside the game itself. Peter Parrish examines the history of this mounted combat sim and what makes it so attractive to modders.

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See, it's not hard to just talk to your fans.
Mount & Blade is great, respect for the devs.
This is rather disturbing though: "Peter Parrish is a freelance writer. He would like to mount and blade you."

Great article, and I love this design philosophy. I'm hoping some bigger name companies might start adopting it, although I suppose it might put some testers out of work.

I was unfamiliar with Mount and Blade, but I'll definitely check it out.

God bless whoever wroe this article! I've always loved that game, and I think that it deserves more support from the gaming community, just like all good Indie games.

I have been with Mount and Blade since about 0.78 ish, and it's definitely one of my favourite games, I have racked up more hours on various mods than both oblivion and fallout 3 combined, and I still go back for more.

This was a good article and Mount & Blade one of the greatest games ever.


This is rather disturbing though: "Peter Parrish is a freelance writer. He would like to mount and blade you."

Terribly disturbing!

But the article is a nice intro to a game that I've heard a bit about, but clearly not ENOUGH. Must... upgrade... CPU unit...

I bumped into Mount and Blade some time ago..
It is a brilliant idea
A game that is developed through the players

It also has a fairly clear goal: To simulate mount combat as best as possible.

I tried the demo at one point, and instantly thought the game, although far from complete, was ambitious and had much potential

I put it aside though for a while. Now I'm glad to hear that the game is still moving along strong.

Who knows, maybe it will set a precedent for a new method of development

Good article.. amusing final words..... I think... :P


This is rather disturbing though:

Yes, sorry about that.

It was so difficult to resist that it appears I failed to resist it entirely.

I bought into the Beta when it was about $12 and change (the version number escapes me). Since then, I've been overjoyed by the community that supports Mount & Blade and overwhelmed by the number of mods that cropped up in response to this game, even though it was an indie game with less than major publicity. The game necessitated an extra hard-drive, solely because there were so many modifications to download and install. Perhaps this is why their joining with Paradox seems to fit so well, as that is a publisher which encourages people to mod their games in much the same way TaleWorlds does.

Thanks for your article, which chronicles what I think is the best story that comes out of M&B, the modding community. Gamers haven't seen this kind of response to a game since Half-Life (and HL2) were put out. I think it is the mark of truly great games that they not only entertain, but also inspire people to improve those games by adding and altering them, and by allowing people to do so.

Mount and Blade Native (unmoded) sucked up many days of my life. Now the 100 years war mod is doing the same. I like how the article braught up the pay for beta funding moddle they used. I hope it catches on with other development houses. I think it would inproove developer-consumer relations immesurabley.

Mount and blade me Peter Parrish!


i still have mount and blade, love that game

Thanks for giving out a shout to M&B. This game is definatly made by it's mods.

Watch Mount & Blade sales start climbing on Steam...

I freaking love this game

Great article. And M&B jumped right up on my list of greatest games ever as soon as I first played it.

Finally, some recognition for this masterpiece!

I picked it up around version 0.707 (something like that :S) and I haven't been able to put it down since. It easily stands up to "bigger, better" games like Oblivion and Neverwinter Nights. The flexibility of the game is indeed it's greatest aspect, and I can't recommend Mount and Blade enough!

I LOVE this game!

Amazing game. I don't think it's even close to having the best moding community for a game (far, far from it) but there are still some great mods and the game itself is a huge moding opportunity. Also the link to the mod Calradia at War (nice mod) is an older version of the mod compatible for an old version of M&B, so if your interested, make sure you grab the newest version.

M&B is my favorite game out there at the moment. I've been looking around at the mod community and have sincere hopes for The Castle Black team. The Song of Ice and Fire are some of my favorite fantasy books, and I couldn't think of a better game to represent it than M&B.

It's been stated over and over that they have no plans for a multi-player version, but I sure want one.

Great article Peter. This is the first I've ever heard of the game. You have convinced me to try the demo. Now, after having done such, M&B has shot straight to the top of my 'games to buy' list.

As if my free time wasn't already stretched thin enough... thanks a lot.

Try the Star Wars Mod. They keep improving every version of it. And keep your eyes open for the Last Days when it finally comes out for the retail version. Although, its going to be a while, unfortunately.

I don't get the reference to Elite... probably because I never played it. I always thought of Mount & Blade more like Pirates! Where it's open ended but you can do things your own way.

great article and great game!!!

Good article and I kind of get the Elite reference.

I've been playing Mount&Blade since .903 and immediately bought a key. I think I spend as much time in this game than I did in Oblivion, which I know play with FCOM Convergence ('twas a pain in the ass to finally get it to work, but the reward is very nice)

The modding community is fantastic. Loads of mods are out now and loads are being developed and loads are being converted to the latest version.

I see myself playing Mount&Blade in years to come because it's extremely hard to imagine how you can make the mounted combat better, well maybe till mount&blade II comes out hopefully with online coop mode.

Undead Dragon King:
Watch Mount & Blade sales start climbing on Steam...

I freaking love this game

There was a sale on this weekend : mount and balde for £6.25! i very nearly almost bought it as it my kind of game but now is not a good time for money, as i owe people and my moped is in the garage + school trip final payment in at end of week. But now its £20 again! Damit
*Edit* no its not! still £6! Got it and loving it.

This so far has been one of my favorate games of this year. I wasn't with the developing of the game (I picked it up in version 1.011) but I've come to love this game more then any of my recent X-Box 360 games, even though it looks like an HD version of Marrowind.

I highly suggest downloading the mod "The Eagle and The Radiant Cross" if you have the newest version that sets Caladria in the Renaissance period with the various being replaced with similar nations of that time like the Ottoman Empire, the Spanish Conquistadors and the Prussian Empire.

I love mount and blade it is alot of fun. Add onto the all the mods available and it quickly became one of my best value for money games, second only to half price team fortress 2 and left 4 dead, and not by much. If there was multiplayer vs or coop battles then this would definitely be my top game of all time, here's hoping.

I've been playing Mount and Blade for awhile. I haven't seen a game that's given better hand to hand or mounted combat.

The only thing that's missing is multiplayer.

I love seeing this game get written about in hopes that more people will jump on. I would like to see more dynamic world games, the emergent narrative that arises from these is brilliant.

Also there is a multiplayer expanision coming out called Mount and Blade: Warband. I think it's Q1 of 2010. I am excited.

Mount & Blade is probably one of the few games I've played that has forced me to duck from time to time. Why? During a siege or when I get ambushed, those damn arrows swish by it almost feels as if they are about to hit me.

Always love games from Paradox Interactive. One of the few publishers that made PC gaming very worthwhile.

Edit: Now make an article for 'Arsenal of Democracy' and/or 'Darkest Hour'


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