Star Wars Canon: Just How Realistic Are the Single-Biome Planets?

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What an interesting read, I like reading about Star Wars.

Boba Frag:
original trilogy only

Whatever do you mean? There are only three films.

Evil Smurf:
What an interesting read, I like reading about Star Wars.

Boba Frag:
original trilogy only

Whatever do you mean? There are only three films.

My goodness, you're right, of course.

I fear I may have confused a horrifying dream I had where the spirit & fun of Star Wars was cynically rehashed & repackaged in order to sell billions worth of toys in million dollar green screen wankery....


I don't see food being a huge problem for a futuristic city-planet. We've already invented lab-grown hamburgers and all kinds of synthetic food, so well on the way to replicators along the lines of Star Trek.

A city planet is not impossible and is actually quite plausible. heat generated from power? ever hear of a heat exchanger? You can convert heat energy into electricity which reduces the temperature of whatever you are getting the heat energy from.

Food? you do not need land for farming. You do not even need soil for farming. Hydroponics being fact and sustainable in an interior with no soil proves it. Then you have synthetic foods that can be created.

As for a large portion of imports is food.. well getting real meat instead of syntha-steaks and plasti-burgers would be quite popular. then you have the huge diversity of exotic aliens who will undoubtedly require special food that needs to be imported. Of course the largest import is food.

So a large portion of the city planet is still hydroponics and synthetic food factories to feed the masses and a large part of energy production is using the heat generated by the city to be converted into electricity while also acting as air conditioners to cool the atmosphere. All plausible if you think about it.

As for the rest there is one fallacy in the article and that is comparing the planets to earth and the biology to earths. Not all planets supporting life will be comparable to earths and really very few can be.

Do you get the feeling that young George Lucas read Dune and just didn't get it?

Dagobah is never stated or shown to be a single biome planet in the movies (can't speak to the EU, but the EU's only a step removed from headcanon anyway). That's just something people assume.

Not entirely unfair, because damn near every other planet in the original movies is single-biome, but not really a logical/rational assumption either.

*EDIT* Actually, now that I think about it, single-biome planets aren't entirely the rule that they might seem.

Explicitly single biome:
Endor moon

Not explicitly or implied to be single biome (in the movies):
Yavin IV
Assorted planets in prequels seen in snippets of the war, like the one with all the colorful/luminous fungi, or the one with the giant bridge cities.

Several (if not all) of the ones on that second list are assumed to be single-biome by the EU, but that's just dumb fans being dumb, not the fault of anything in the movies. Kashyyk is borderline, since it's technically an EU planet that graduated to canon, so if the EU created it as a single biome world, that characterization may be grandfathered into the canon universe (though of course, it doesn't have to be, given how pick-and-choose the prequels are about EU elements). Bespin, being a gas giant, doesn't really count either way for our purposes.

Hoth has plot-related anthropic principle going on: it was chosen by the Alliance for a secret base because it's normally considered uninhabitable,(hopefully) making it easier for the empire to overlook, which could imply that its odd balance of habitability/inhabitabilty is actually rare. Tatooine is basically planet Somalia so Luke/Annakin can come from someplace so poor and crappy that they can't escape without getting off the planet altogether. Kamino and Mustafar are both pretty realistically singe biome. Endor moon is crap, but if you handwave hard enough, you might be able to make something of Endor itself being a gas giant. Like maybe Endor reflects (or generates) enough light/radiation to keep the moon evenly warm in a way a normal planet wouldn't be.

Basically, with the exception of Endor moon, most single biome planets have a reason or justfication. Planets which don't need to be single biome generally aren't actually identified or implied as such... they're just assumed to be by the audience.

Kamino isn't all water though is it? most is, but on the first Battlefront game, when you are about to start the Kamino mission, and it zooms into the planet, you can see islands, i just assumed the planet was kinda earth like, just being 85/90% water instead of our 70%.

OT: My god, do people on the Escapist have some sort of allergy for speculative fiction? Yeah, we know it's not real, and we know the EU has bullshit explanations for everything, but isn't applying imagination and understanding of physical processes to something you enjoy more entertaining than just saying "a wizard (or Lucas) did it"?

I believe it's called Stickuptheass Syndrome. It's a tragic disease that causes people to suck the fun out of everything with their "above it all" attitude.

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