Indie Developers Showcase, Day 2: Gravity Hook

Indie Developers Showcase, Day 2: Gravity Hook

Ever wonder what Metroid might have been like if the entire map was an infinitely deep explosive-filled mining shaft? Wonder no more.

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Wow, this is tough. I'm going to give up at 280m

The high scores list is unfortunate. This is why we can't have nice things.

Edit: OK, 429. I really give up this time.

Edit Again: 555! I broke 500, I'm happy now.

Edit Again: 1438!

hit 300m and just couldn't get any further, brilliantly addictive game, but quite frustrating. loving the old school graphics that really do tend to make it more addictive, a very good arcade machine feel! AGH!

Haha this is so addicting. I'm really bad at this though, I've only reached 128. Though I only have been playing for 5 minutes-ish.

EDIT: 384 I'm derermined to beat you all :D


That is addictive. It really does prove that study right. I'm thriving on this challenge! Haven't played anything this hard since Icaruga!

EDIT 250! I got to 250!

706. I feel pretty important.

That I just got to 400 (after dying god knows how many times) I feel like a gaming god. Is that meant to be ok or have games really got that easy?

Bloody hell this thing is addictive.

320m for me.

edit: 509!

342 it shall be for me. Thanks to all the staff who are finding these awesome games and anyone else behind this Escapist Indie festival. I hope this becomes an annual, or even bi-annual event.

EDIT: 826!! Huzzah!

570. I'm the master of the universe.q

Really fun idea =].

What the fudge, Escapist. This is a cool game, yes. An interesting game. A game that can keep someone entertained for a long time. But unless I have a completely distorted view of the indie game industry, that's not worth a spotlight. It's just a cool flash game. There are thousands of flash games just like this one out there. Heck, yesterday's Auditorium, which unless I'm mistaken is also just a cool flash game, is eons beyond this.

I guess that what I'm saying is that I thought this should be a top ten, but I can't see a top ten including this. I hope the eight remaining games are closer to the Auditorium bar than this one.

"...and never take a game development job from someone who used to manufacture tires for a living."
that's some good advice right there. My score on this one really isn't worth posting. Pretty cool game overall, but I still prefer auditorium.


Add them all together - 6.
Multiply 6 by 1000 - 6000.

As you can see, I have won.

366. I give up. Really fun though.

EDIT: Has anybody seen the high scores? Bullshit those are real scores!

Must.... Stop... Have to go to... C...L....A...S...S...


A simple virtual pat on the back will do :)

Eh, can't get much higher than 1k.

I like the guy's little dig at the "bob's game" idiot.

Good, entertaining game, easy start but more fun at bigger heights, got an easy 563 after about a minute of practice. Really like the concept.

Yay, got to one k! :D
This stuff is awesome. It's like pixelated crack.

EDIT: up to two k now :)

2443! WOO!
Take THAT Klutz!

Baby Tea:
2443! WOO!
Take THAT Klutz!

Wow. Y'know, I turned up to hand in my (to me) impressive 911m... And I see this.

Thank you so very much. ;_;

Admittedly, that puts me in third on this forum. Which is pretty cool.

EDIT: And now it's 1154. So close...

1052. After many, many tries, over the course of many, many days. Going for 1100 right now.


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