Shut Up and Sit Down: Let's Play Wiz-War - Chaotic Wizard Battles!

Let's Play Wiz-War - Chaotic Wizard Battles!

You there! Browsing the internet without a care in the world. Don't you know there's a war on?!

...It was a Wiz-War, technically, and it took place this week in Quinns' flat, but still! Show some respect. This venerable old game was originally released in the 1980's, and the new, eighth edition is a cardboard monument to EVERYTHING that was wrong, and right, with game design at the time.

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Never played before. This vid was hilarious and I loved watching these guys play it, but hot damn does this look like a game I have no interest in.

I really like Shut Up and Sit Down, and I really want the addition of them to the escapist to not be an April Fool's joke.

Wooooooooooooot! Yes, Shutup and Sitdown on Escapist! I always thought that would be a great inclusion. I'm following you guys for a good time now, but somehow i completly missed that you're being on this site from now.

Very big thumbs up! :D

Very entertaining video. Wish I could find a good group to do a weekly board game with. Hope there's more of this to come though, you guys are great! "Can't make an omelet without busting a few doors."

i have no idea who these guys are but the video is funny and i hope to see more. as a side note how do you possibly find a group of friends willing to play games as obscure as this.

I really like Shut Up and Sit Down, and I really want the addition of them to the escapist to not be an April Fool's joke.

It's no April Fool's joke. We'll be showing SU&SD videos on The Escapist each week going forward.

I like what these guys are doing.

It's nice to see an old school beer and pretzels games get some modern attention.
Wiz-war is an old favorite of mine. It sure looks fancy with its new makeover.
My version looks like it was homemade.

The older version was great for 3-4 players of varying level of gaming interest and experience.
The wife, the kids, that dude who drinks too much, they could all play and it rarely lasted more than an hour.
I am uncertain how the new editions and expansions affects playing time.

It was one of the main influences of Magic The Gathering.

for a later date, I would like to suggest the game Lunch/ Beer Money, with expansion. i'm sure it would be a blast to watch. :)

SU&SD on The Escapist!? What madness is this!?

... a much welcome madness. :D Love these guys!

Brilliant addition to the Escapist! I've always liked the look of this game, it's great to finally see it in action. Will be buying this on my next trip to the game store.

That was awesome. This is what I wished you would do back on Penny Arcade. Make more please. Also I need to buy that game lol.

Yes! My favorite web series on the internet is now on my favorite gaming website.

Edit: If anyone wants to know more about Wiz-War, here's their older review of it.


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