Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: Captain Falcon and the Teasing Chop

Captain Falcon and the Teasing Chop

Put on your poetry hats and join two of the greatest wordsmiths of our generation as they fill your ears with verse.

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Yes I thank the single players every day.

That was a trip and a half. I appreciate the SP lovin'.

[insert single player master race comment here]

Oh wait, did I do that wrong? Oh well, still stands. I almost exclusively play single player games with the exceptions being local multiplayer where I can pick my companions personally and MMOs where I seek out raid groups. I've never paid for something like XBox Live and I hopefully never will.

However, after thinking about what Yahtzee said I actually have to completely disagree with his conclusion. The more people peacefully enjoying single player actually makes multiplayer worse, because almost all the people left on there are douche bags.

I think Yahtzee just summarized my thoughts on Multi-player quite well.

God damn I want a pork chop now...

I really don't get Jim's... which is annoying because I can almost sense the outline of a truly terrible pun there... does he have a less popular move called the Falcon Chop, for instance? I've only heard of Falcon Punch and Falcon Kick. "Show me your foods?" I don't know. I've done just enough googling to know that whatever the joke is it's buried too deep for me to find in a reasonable amount of time using google. So whoever gets it, if you could please explain it to the rest of the class so that I might also think Jim's poem was clever, that would be great. Okay, thanks. You rock!

Funny and true, Yahtzee. There's almost no sense of sportsmanship in PvP multiplayer modes. That's why I prefer single player mode and teaming up with other players to take on Heroic Missions, Flashpoints, and World Bosses in Old Republic.
Jim, I just don't know what you were talking about. Captain Falcon eating a pork chop with a spork? That's it?

As ever Jim, your range continues to impress! Free verse is tough stuff. Props Yahtzee, another fun one.

If I understand Yahtzee's message correctly, I get to end my post with, Thank God for ME!

I swear, it felt like Yahtzee was talking directly to me with that one.

However, I have no idea what the hell Jim's was about. I would like a new F-Zero though...after a new Metroid, Zelda, and Star Fox.

It gets worse than that. It could be something from the anime.

I thought about it, and maybe it's just a fighting game term. Like, a "tease" could be a quick attack that has no chance of hitting but is designed to draw the other player in by making them think your guard will be down after the miss. I don't know what Captain Falcon's quick attacks look like, maybe it's a generic hand chop.

What I do know from youtube is that once Captain Falcon starts a combo, he will fuck you up. So. Yeah, there's your title explained.

Unfortunately, tourney rules state that I can't use raw speculation to answer my own question, so I need to wait for somebody who knows what they're talking about to confirm this.

(Also: No youtube or wikipedia references, only two readers of this thread may answer at a time, and Firefox is banned for the purposes of researching this question because NoScript is OP. Nintendo does not officially endorse people trying to find out the meaning of the Captain Falcon Teasing Chop Reference, and has asked players to please stop thinking about this poem at cons.)

If I could reach, I'd give Croshaw a high five for that one.

Stopped paying attention during Jim's because I was wondering what he uses that softbox in the background for...
Stopped watching when the only conclusion I could reach was "probably nudes".

yatzee was spot on. thats why i play a lot of singleplayer and evne though i do play some multiplayer, its only for games that are designed from ground up to be multiplayer only.
Im afraid i cant say i udnerstood what Jim was trying to convey this week, which saddens me deeply. Only singleplayer game i go now.

i like offline single player too. all games should have it as a mode. plus an online singleplayer experience defeats the purpose of singleplayer.


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