Game of Thrones Abridged: Season Three - Sexy Dungeon Safety is No Laughing Matter

Season Three - Sexy Dungeon Safety is No Laughing Matter

In Season 3, Jaime could use a hand, Tyrion gets engaged, Dany gets an army, the spymaster Varys signs up for Amazon Prime, Theon has a really, really bad day and a lovely wedding happens wherein no one gets stabbed or murdered horribly.

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Again very tasty. I'm excited to see how it'll work with an episode-by-episode format. I suppose it means you'll have 50 mintues to play with across the series rather than 5, so... That's good.

Fantastic series. Helps that I'm totally addicted to the source material. Just got one of these!


Course, this would be better:

I'm just about done with book 3. Season 1 and 2 followed books 1 and 2 pretty well. Book 3 goes way past season 3 into season 4. I look forward to this show and its interpretation of those shows. Particularly what happens with the Mountain.

It's always good to hear Mr Korda at the end. <3

That was pretty funny, can't wait for series 4! ERRYBODY GETTIN' MURDERED YO!

I guess I'll pick up the books at some point, but for now I'm enjoying the TV series, and I'd rather not ruin the show by reading the books. I can guarantee I'll enjoy the books regardless, but I couldn't say the same for reading then watching. I learned my lesson from Harry Potter.

For a "Red Wedding", there's not THAT much red, is there? Ah, well. I guess I'm glad to not give a toss (first time I stated that slang word; I've been hearing too much British English) about this series because I would otherwise be moping right now from seeing that again.

Mat Lees has picked up the paces of the storytelling and the scribbles on it. Familiar thing, too. I remember Jimquisition having a rocky start before getting good 3 or 4 episodes in.

Ok the spam mail near the end had crack me up the most in today video!

The only funny part of the 3 episodes is the Hodor part. Awful, just awful.

There was a disturbing lack of hot medieval snusnu and hot medieval naked women in this season. Instead, we got leeches and got to see some poor sod get his sausage chopped off and fried and fed to some creep...Was it the sexy midget man?

...What the hell are onion ladies?

My Dungeon Play safe word is "swords".

I'm probably not going to be able to watch these anymore. In Australia, we only have two options for this show; Help prop up a monopoly, or pirating.

[quote="008Zulu" post="6.846335.20867976"]My Dungeon Play safe word is "swords".

I'm probably not going to be able to watch these anymore. In Australia, we only have two options for this show; Help prop up a monopoly, or pirating.[/quote
What do you mean help prop a monopoly? In the states there is only one cable company per area, which is monopolistic. Is that what you mean?

Yes please, more thank you.

This is better than the first two, though still not terribly amusing.

Good stuff Matt, keep it coming!

This isn't even proper abriged, you hardly touch the actual plot you just make really bad jokes. Team four star did the "don't stop me now" joke already. How are you paid for this?

seeeeriously unfunny

Everyone has funny accents instead of their real voices.

That is the joke.

And they are maaaadddd and English, and if there is one thing the internet loves, it's droll Englanders.

I really don't think this is funny at all. But to be fair, I think the concept would be better suited to making jokes episodically. It would give more time to set up and pay off themes and jokes, instead of making funny voices down the mic about jizz. On the other hand, It would mean that there would be a short window for writing which I think will be hilarious in it's own way considering they had all the time in the world to write the first 3 episodes and it sounds like a bunch of stoned students wanting to be the next Adam and Joe

To be fair, there are many shows on the Escapist that started weak and went on to be mega hits. Game Dogs, Space Janitors, that Pokemon show....It could take off

Hmm, these are funnier when you actually riff on the show as opposed to the dumb jokes.

PLEASE Escapist I cant watch your videos, the player doesn't work for me! What am I doing wrong? I cant find these vids on your youtube channel either D:.

That was really great work. I laughed quite hard.


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