Feed Dump: Man Delivers Baby Porcupine

Man Delivers Baby Porcupine

We'd say this guy was in a sticky situation, but it was more of a stubby, blood-covered one.

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Feed dump is getting in serious need of new hats .... Find that Maine man and ask him if you can make one out of the dead porcupine.

Amy's clearly well-versed in Feed Dumpology if she guessed off the bat that it was drug-related mushrooms.

Also, I'm not sure what the problem with the origin of the mammoth fossil is. Yes, they used slaves to dig it up; they used slaves for everything back then. Shoving all the stuff that doesn't have a pristine historical record under the rug would make for a lot of very empty museums (heck, the British Museum would be spotless), as well as painting a false picture for modern people. Better to acknowledge it, warts and all, than to not acknowledge it at all.

Well, at least that 8 year old is getting a feel for the American legislative process early on in life. That way there's no chance of disillusionment later. Because it's only getting worse.

captcha: "you can do this"....yeah, no, you really can't.

Well they must have some good schrooms in Maine.

Also Graham you should not tempt fate, all head balancing things should be left to Paul.

I really hoped the stinger was Paul balancing that thing on his head!

LRR Crossover!

Oh no! LRR needs more hats! Though to be honest I can't really think of any kind of hat they haven't previously used.

That's ok, I'm sure they'll get more hats at PAX East next week... Oh, wait. :(

Perhaps they can use Ashley's & James' Wedding head Attire. I'm sure no one will mind the LRR crew borrowing all head-wear from all Wedding guests.

Fresh meat has been added to the Feed!!!

Hi Amy

Always good to hear news stories from Maine, they have such fun people there // Also, I would be ok with head hair on my face

Alex's herbal medicine joke killed me. Well done.

Ugh, well that's one massive failure to separate church and state there, good going there South Carolina.

I was expecting Paul to run in and slap that sled off Graham's head. "That's my thing" he yells.

That "Ow" ALMOST made it worth it not having a hat.....
Seriously, this is SACRELEDGE!!!! You must have a unique hat for the end joke, or it's not Feed Dump! :'(

I think it should be a law that any legislator that FORGETS that we have this thing called the "Separation of Church and State" should immediately be ousted from office...and then be sent to a priest to determine the appropriate pennance.

Seriously...do as my lord and master George Carlin says: "Keep Thy Religion to Thyself!"

lol, put sled on head

this Things On My Head episode had an awfully long intro sequence...

Is it just me or does Paul look beefier too?

"I don't know if people from South Carolina talk like that, but I am."

As a resident of the Palmetto State, I can assure you that you are close enough.

The hat shortage is getting worse!

Also separation of state and church much?

Kick! Punch! It's all on your head! Now! Block, turn, kick!

The hat shortage is getting worse!

Also separation of state and church much?

Silly user, Church and State only counts if we're protecting Christians!

Huzzah! Further proof that Graham is in fact not actually Paul!

Wait, facial hair transplants is now a thing? So, if my husband wanted to, he could now donate his 5yo already-longer-than-Merlin's beard to those who think they need one?

Sweet. :D


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