Hex Heroes, A Party RTS, Makes Good On Wii U's Promises

Hex Heroes, A Party RTS, Makes Good On Wii U's Promises

Gamepad integration in Wii U games apparently doesn't have to be a nuisance.

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It's about time!
Something else to play with the lady-type that isn't Mario or a holdover from the Wii.

I will say, it's more than a bit surreal to read an article about the development of a Wii U game with multiple quotes from Mario, especially when it features lines like "Mario has been wanting to make a Nintendo game since he was 5."

Wow, this looks pretty awesome. The Wii U has been calling out for a game like this since launch, so I think this is great.

I enjoy RTS games and I enjoy my Wii U so I think this is definitely worth my attention.

Are you longing for something to play on it that isn't based on Mario, LEGO, or a port from another console?

I had a quick chat with one such developer, artist for The Bridge, and Wii U philanthropist, Mario.

Wait, you ask me if I'm looking for a Wii U game that's not Mario and you give me a Wii U game that's made by Mario? What are you trying to pull here, Escapist!?

I hope this succeeds. I'm backing it now.

I don't have a Wii U but this sounds like the kind of game the Wii U needs more of. Nintendo should probably have encouraged indie devs a little more. Somehow you never hear much about any kind of indie games on the Wii U and its gimmicky nature would make it great for indies.

Oh? The Knights at 3:49 look exactly the same regardless of gender? I don't know how to feel about that.

Looks like a fun game, I hope they can make playing the gatherer fun. I don't know how you can since it would be the roll that the commander would want the most management over. A bad gatherer can ruin any base building or whatever else the resources will be used for.

This is a great concept, strategic local co-op, asymmetrical game play, lots of room and depth for development...

Why isn't Nintendo backing this?

This looks like a great concept.

Thanks for calling my attention to it.

You got my attention, as a Wii U owner, this sounds awesome!


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