Escapist News Now: Uncharted Director Joins Star Wars Project

Uncharted Director Joins Star Wars Project

Former "Uncharted" Creative Director Amy Hennig announced she is going to Electronic Arts.

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From what I recall hearing, there wasn't much of 1313 to revive. Best just to make something new. Besides, no one jumps to another studio for the opportunity to clean up someone else's mess.

Instead, let's wait and see what mess EA can come up with on their own. Expectations set to low.

Yea i spoke to one of the DICE devs who probally said more than he should've, but basically it was pretty much sod all they got handed. 1313 was a cool idea that probally won't ever seen the light as it was once pitched, also EA will want online multiplayer and maybe co-op and some micro transactions... so screw it i'll pass.

Knowing how EA handles their devolopers I don't have high hopes for Amy ever making a great game again.


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