Betrayer Review - In Dying Color

Betrayer Review - In Dying Color

An enthralling - if repetitive - horror adventure in a beautifully stylized world.

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Jim and I are pretty much in line regarding this one. It's best played not focusing on the "gamey" elements, taking in the atmosphere and looking at it as a dangerous hiking simulator (though many could say that of Skyrim). It's not "all style, no substance", but there isn't quite enough substance here to really justify the full asking price.

Though Dark Souls fans may appreciate the mechanic of having to successfully return to the place of your death, lest you lose the loot you dropped there.

Kinda want this. Watched the squirty play, it looked good. Nice to know too that it's a nice little studio.

The one concern I have is the lack of voices; will they ever bring them to the game? Is modding possible so we can? And before people say that modded voice acting is terrible, I point to immersive NPCs in Skyrim.


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