Game of Thrones Abridged: "Two Swords" - A Wolf and a Hound Walk Into A Bar...

"Two Swords" - A Wolf and a Hound Walk Into A Bar...

In the premiere of season 4, we get to meet a new character who seems like a nice fellow, Jaime gets a hand with planning Joffrey's bachelor party, and Daenerys is trying to figure out who this guy claiming he's Daario is all about.

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Awesome- loved the cash-for-gold-ish infomercial parody as the opener. I can't wait to have these regularly going along with the episodes this season. Keep it up Matt!

Like I suspected it seems to work a lot better when you don't have to cram 10 hours of content into 4 minutes of comedyjoke. Impressive turnaround time too.

Another funny video Matt thanks!

Happy to hear that you will do abridged versions of every episode from here on out.

I loved the season recaps, but this per episode? It's going to get old really fast.

Heh, Colonel Sandor's chicken. Just don't ask for the barbecue I'd guess.

Colonel Sandor's chicken truely wins this episode.

The funniest parts of this were the funny parts of the show, what with the golden hand wave and eating all the fucking chickens.

But I reluctantly smiled at the fake Daario bits.

oh, here you are Matt

"Can't we just get really pissed and hire a couple of crossbows" is my new favorite line from anything ever.

I wonder why Other Daario didn't come back for this season? Also, not a fan of Jamie's new haircut.

"I'll still take that chicken."

Pheheh, glooorius xD

Why do they all sound drunk all of a sudden?


Because England, that's why.

Those Thenn are surely barbarians! They are burning the arm, that is not good eats. They need to move it away from the fire and let it roast slowly. Accompanied by pease soup, roasted arm is a delish!

And what, no joke about Daario 2.0?

There is something about Abridged shows I just love and you guys are making GoT bearable // Keep up the great work


Brilliant, love this video series.

Heh, Colonel Sandor's chicken. Just don't ask for the barbecue I'd guess.

LOL. The srore doe NOT carry Mountain Dew.

Where's the uncensored version? Oh wait it's on HBO... Anyway Funny show Matt and I get a laugh out of your "byeeeee!" at the end.

Best one so far. I wonder how long you're going to keep up the actor change joke. The whole season, I hope.


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