Five Weirdest Weather Phenomena on Alien Planets

Five Weirdest Weather Phenomena on Alien Planets

If you think Earth has some strange climate patterns, then be glad you don't live on some of these alien worlds. The weather can be downright brutal.

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Yes, this is the same plasma found in plasma TVs, but other examples of plasma you may be unaware of include fluorescent lamps, neon signs, and lightning. Needless to say, you wouldn't want to breathe any of these, let alone live on a planet in which the air itself was plasma.

Neon is perfectly safe to breathe, as long as there's enough oxygen in the mix.

There's a deep sea diving gas mixture called Neoquad, which is a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen, helium and neon.

There's also Neox or Neonox, which is a simpler mix of neon and oxygen, used rarely in deep commercial diving.

/Scuba Instructor.

On topic though, I'd consider the plastic snowfall on Titan to be one of the weirder weather phenomenoms. ;)

Is that sandstorm on Mars photo real? It's... surreal.

Saturn's Hexagon Storm didn't even make it onto the list?

It's by far the strangest weather pattern found to date.


Saturn's Hexagon Storm didn't even make it onto the list?

Ahh, you beat me to it. But here's a fun video of it.

Nifty article. There are a lot more weird phenomena out there, but this was a nice selection. I'm always confused by these sorts of articles on a gaming website, but also always pleased. It... makes no sense to me... but I like them. Especially because, well, the geeky among us tend to like pop-sciency articles even when there's no connection to video games whatsoever. Broaden the horizons a tiny bit, basically.

Aww! Jupiter's spot has a baby now! As long as it doesnt post endless photos of it online everyday


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