8 Examples of Why Video Game Graffiti is the Best

8 Examples of Why Video Game Graffiti is the Best

I think that we can all agree that we all love videogames. Some artists love videogames and have the talent to back up that addiction. So today we give you eight pieces of graffiti that are based on videogames.

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And at the other end of the scale, we have... Cardiff Central Railway Station.

Seriously though, I love the pixellated ninja. That looked like it took a lot of trouble, actually.

One of my personal guilty pleasures is graffiti in old videogames. From the great (Space Invaders aliens and spiders from the C64 version of "Renegade" - hell, even the high-score table was graffiti) to the awesome ("Banana" and "Sausage" in "Two Crude Dudes". I'm not even kidding.)

A pet peeve of mine is when characters write stuff on walls in their own blood in horror-themed videogames (which happens surprisingly often) but the writing is WAY too large. There's one wall in "System Shock" where a four or five metre space is literally covered by the word "RESIST" in giant capital letters, all written in blood. I mean, holy hell, what did the guy do? Rip open his own chest with his hands, then splatter the red stuff on the wall with a ladle? PAINT, dude! It's a lot more practical, and the only way you die afterwards is if you inhale too much of it by accident!


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