Escapist Podcast: 134: The New Alpha Centauri

134: The New Alpha Centauri

This week, we discuss Civilization: Beyond Earth, the spiritual successor to Alpha Centauri.

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Ico and Shadow of the colossus was the first game that really drove how scale to me. I remember looking over the edges of the bridge or castle was and almost being dizzy be the sense of height. And shadow of the colossus had that fantastic atmosphere.

I absolutely know that I have unusual colloquialisms, because I keep picking them up without meaning to. I tend to mimic new things on instinct, so when I'm exposed to a new person for long enough, I'll often notice myself picking up their habits, voice, attitude, or phrases. It also happens for characters in things I watch/play, I'll find myself mimicking the voice/phrasing of characters that stand out to me - for a month after playing Fable III, my default curse word was 'Balls'. Never used it that way before, and I'm Canadian, so no one I know has ever done that either. And it is amusing, from time to time, but I don't mean to do it, and if someone else points it out to me before I've noticed it myself, it can be embarrassing, particularly if it's an ill-advised or unrefined habit.

Vegemite was originally the leftover yeast extract from brewing beer.

Vegemite was originally the leftover yeast extract from brewing beer.

Really? Interesting.

It still tastes like arse though.

Liking the new backgrounds/tables for the podcasts guys. It seems to make the atmosphere a bit more..formal for want of a better word?

I hate to be that guy because I really do love the podcat.
But these last few Podcats are over to quick and far to structured. Though the talking about steaks and vegamite got thing off track which is actually on track for this.

Also seriously, who are they kidding, civ beyond earph is totes alpha century. What next, are they going to make civ: privateer that is set in the Caribbean and say it isn't a new Pirates Gold?


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