8 Excellent Weird Beards In Movies

8 Excellent Weird Beards In Movies

Today we give you some of the oddest facial hair in cinema history. So be prepared for some oddness so grab your mustache wax and get ready for scruff.

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JUMANJI! It's been too long, my darling, how I long to bathe once again in your warm, glowing, warming glow...

Thanks, Steve, you've helped bring two long-lost lovers back together!

John Waters will happily admit that he totally stole that mustache from Little Richard.

Shame not to see any of the dwarves from The Hobbit. Just about all of them have some unique and epic facial hair.

Half of those weren't even beards. They were moustaches.

Some of them were indeed weird beards, being moustaches for a start! :p


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