No Right Answer: Is the Internet a Bad Thing?

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The Internet isn't a bad thing, people are a bad thing.


Blaming a medium for the malice or incompetence of other is a bit short sighted. I, and I hope a lot of other people, know how to differentiate between fact and fiction by fact checking things I read. Critical thinking is a learnable skill. Just because some people can't be bothered doesn't make the internet a bad thing. If we start blaming technology for its misuse by people we might as well drop everything that we're doing and go back to living in caves. And even then some people will find a way misuse rocks and moss. Humans will find a way to be stupid and cruel to one another regardless of technology.

It's up to each and everyone of us to use the things we have in a responsible way.

"Actual human interaction has gone down."

I am a human.

Presumably, everyone else on this message board is, too.

We are interacting.

Actual humans. Interacting.

The problem with a lot of Chris' arguments is that they've been presented before... every time a new communication method is introduced. Some people wrung their hands over the idea of discourse decaying due the being able to cheaply send letters, or the dying art of writing when the telephone was introduced.

First, let's get rid of the semantics. They were not talking about the internet itself being good or bad. They were asking if the internet has been a positive innovation for humanity. I would say no. I'm basing this on how people act in real life after internet use have been mainstreamed.

1. Instant gratification doesn't happen fast enough for people. You can't go anywhere without somebody getting huffy about having to wait.

2. Arrogance and Narcissism is everywhere. Everyday I have people coming up to me at work thinking a sign posted there is meant for everyone else except for them. Then they get very insulted when I inform them that it also meant for them as well.

3. Face to face human interaction is disappearing. In fact, any human interaction with the present surrounding has become a challenge to most people.

4. People rather film something tragic happening than to help out.

5. People are more blatant about being stupid and ignorant. People will argue their selective facts until they are blue in the face. Constantly refusing any information that will expand their knowledge on the topic.

6. People have stop living life. Seriously, how much time do you spend online? Turn the motherfucker off and live.

I would list more things, but I need to take my last advice and take off.

I thought of some more things to add.

7. Hackers. We always have a tendency to tear down or deface anything that's get built. The internet is no exception.

8. No more boundaries. You used to be able to tell your friends and family things like: "I hate my boss" and tell politically incorrect jokes without getting fired. You can't do that online with your social media "Friends".

9. Devaluing the word "Friend". People in real life and online think that just because they see you demand to be treated like you are their best friend.

10. Destruction of retail businesses in favor of catalog shopping. Yes, that what shopping online really is. Catalog shopping. You see something you like, order it, then wait 7 to 10 days for it. Just what your grandparents did with the Sears catalog. Yeah Progress!

I just wanted to say I enjoyed this episode of No Right Answer (and I can't always say that). Some good points were raised, and I felt it was worth sharing the video on Facebook. Keep up the good discussion, guys.

I thought of some more things to add.

I respect that you returned at the same time the next day to post - having a scheduled time for goofing around on the Internet is exactly what most people lack. ;)

We do sort of use the internet as a crutch, but that's all technology. All technology was invented as useful crutches to make life easier.

As for the internet alienating us... that's somewhat true. No doubt I would interact with actual people I meet in real life if I didn't have the internet. But you know what? All technology has its downsides. Everything, in fact, has a downside if you think about it long enough. But that doesn't mean it's bad.

The internet has its flaws and does create some problems. But so does everything else. We can't point to the flaws and say "It's not worth it!" because if we did that we'd never get anything done at all.

The answer is no.

You're welcome.

Some good quotes here. I liked the quote of the week, but I also think that the quote of the week COULD have been "People have sucked LONG before the internet existed!"

I do agree with this discussion. The internet is a wonderful thing that is too often used incorrectly. The internet is by far the greatest and most important invention in history, and while that sounds like every exaggerated statement you've ever heard, in this case it's actually not. I just feel like it was introduced at a point where humanity just wasn't quite ready for it, and was introduced so quickly and with so little care that we've just taken advantage of it to the point of it now being a dystopian version of the world we know.

Good topic. There are a great deal of things that the internet has helped us with. I have learned about history, the english language, how to make a carbonara sauce, projects, games, movies, stay in touch with my friends and potential girlfriends cause I am studying abroad and lots more. But I can't help but shake, like Yahtzee would say, the doubt off the back of my head.

I know me. I know me well enough to know that I don't abuse the net as much as I could. But there are A LOT of people out there that are bent on making me think that the internet needs something to filter out the stupid. Lincoln said that if you wanna really wanna test someone, you should give him power and the power that the internet grants people with is anonymity. And while on the net, more often than not, I see examples of people that perfectly fill the following niche:


From outrageous declarations like 'eating meat makes you impotent' to stuff like online conmen and conwomen, anonymity is something that should not be taken away but rather monitored. I don't know how but it should.

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