The Escapist Presents: The Elder Scrolls Online - An Adventurer's First Guide

The Elder Scrolls Online - An Adventurer's First Guide

Thinking of journeying to the world of The Elder Scrolls Online? Let an experienced warrior teach you all you need to know!

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Ok I admit it this had me laughing way to hard.

I think alchemists make a special shampoo to take care of those crabs.
Saved my love life it did.

This was really funny. Had me laughing almost the entire time. :D

I think it would have been as funny with fewer sexual jokes.
But I understand sexual jokes are common on the interwebs. I just find it strange when a stranger is saying them to me... privately... in my ears...

Looks like a minority view but that...wasn't funny. At all. The voice was annoying, the jokes were flat and boring. Sorry but...yeah.

I liked it, but then again, I have a borked sense of humour. Though, I never could get into the game, it felt more like the unwanted child of World of Warcraft and Skyrim.

Is this game as bad as it look in the video?

I was amused

Is this game as bad as it look in the video?

Well that's a loaded question...

Personally I think the game is quite fun, but I've only started playing it yesterday and I'm only level 7 so I'll reserve my full judgement until later. But so far it definitely feels a lot more like Skyrim/Oblivion than WoW because the quests are actually interesting and well-written and not just "kill x of y for me please!" That and IMO the combat system is better than both Skyrim and WoW. It's real time like skyrim and has blocking and dodging and such, but it's also a lot more tactical than skyrim because you have your loadout of 5 skills+Ult that you have to choose from in addition to your basic and strong attacks so you don't just end up bashing stuff in the face until it stops moving. It takes the best aspects of Skyrim and WoW and makes them into a system that IMO is better than the sum of its parts.

The crafting and character/class building are also IMO better than both Skyrim and WoW and allow for a TON of creative freedom and experimentation.

But that's just my opinion.


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