War of the Vikings Review - Norse Carnage

War of the Vikings Review - Norse Carnage

Despite an amazing concept, the execution of War of the Vikings is deeply flawed.

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I really wish that there was a good multiplayer historical combat game. The medieval studies department of our university hosted a LAN tournament this past year, and they were going to have a Chivalry tournament, but it wasn't worth the investment to get a bunch of copies.

I just want to cut off my buddy's head with a Danish axe; is that too much to ask?

A bit harsh on the combat mechanics? It's the same system that's in use by Mount & Blade and War of the Roses. Once you get the hang of it, hacking, blocking and parrying is an immensely satisfying experience as you and an enemy go back and forth on eachother. It's easier to block without a direction with the shield, but it will wear down and eventually break. If you're skilled enough, you can just drop using a shield, or carry it on your back, and just do all the blocking manually.

What happened to simple controls of left click does an attack, right click blocks, and hold right down and left click to parry or shield bash? Depending on which side the weapon is on after the last attack decides what direction the next swing is if you continually left click or it goes back to the default ready position when you are not swinging is good enough. overcomplicating the attack and block just seams like more work for the devs and not an easy scheme for players. I will give that one a miss because I don't like complicated controls.

Chivalry is the only medieval first person melee game anyone can possibly ever need.

shift + w, then press c repeatedly. Now that's a power fantasy perfectly realised.

Once more, a game tries and fails to beat Mount and Blade at its own game, and fails. That's War of the Roses, Chivalry, and now this.


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