Best Unintentionally Funny Video Games

Best Unintentionally Funny Video Games

Sometimes, the best games are full of unexpectedly funny moments.

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Holy shit, that rap's an actual real thing! Wow, I did not see that coming!

And anyone looking for examples of people being evil on Roller Coaster Tycoon need look no futher than Mr. Bones' Wild Ride.

Strangely, kirby in Smash Bros Brawl becomes hilairious during pause screens whilst experiencing eyes are intoxicated under shrooms.

I used to laugh at that Skyrim catchphrase like you, except that no I never did because it's not funny.

The way the sentence is used is funny. It's funny because it breaks the wall and puts all of Skyrim's faults on the forefront. How it breaks its own rules by giving every NPC a name and home and backstory except the guards that need tooutnumber all others for gameplay reasons; how the player-centric presentation looks awkward and fake and how it reveals that NPCs have no more depth than the player can see; how it gives so little importance to writing that the devs are more willing to pay six different voice actors to read the same line rather than pay a single writer to write six different ones.

That is what is funny. The sentence itself is not funny. People laughed at the sentence because it reminded them of what was funny, and then other people saw these people laughing and thought they were laughing at a funny sentence. That is how an insufferable internet meme is born. See also: the cake is a lie.

I knew it would happen, but Driver goes unrecognised once again :P It should be on every one of these kind of lists, because this kind of stuff happens all the time:

Old point and click games are chock full of laughs.

Ah so many good memories in this article. I still remember my first game of Brave new world that ended up with me and my neighbor Gandhi making use of all those new non-violent means to attack and annoy each other while attempting a culture victory.

"God DAMMIT Gandhi!! Quit sending priests into my territory!"

Five turns later

"Fine! You almost wiped out my religion! Enjoy having Oranges banned at the world congress!!"

Five more turns later

Hordes of Great Prophets make a bee-line for my last holy city

"Thats it! Embargo time!"

The entire end of that match was just me coming up with new ways to piss off Gandhi without declaring war.

Evil Moo:

I dunno. I'd have to give this one to that one security guy in the "Black Mesa" mod....

That outfit from Damnation blows my mind every time. I still can't believe someone looked at that and thought "yep, we want this in our game".

How could you not mention the glory of the EDF? Look at this shit! This is batshit insanity of the highest order, and while I'm sure they're aware of how insane this series is, I think they may actually believe the dialogue and voice acting is good.

Which it's not. Aside from this awesomeness.

If that doesn't make you want to charge into battle, you have no soul.

Any strategy game made by paradox is hilarious because of the bizarre alternate history potential but crusader kings 2 takes the cake, there's just something hilarious about seeing Sweden ruled by a Italian Buddhist.

You put Metal Gear Solid series as UNINTENTIONALLY funny? :p

It's very clear that Kojima isn't doing these games with super serious face. Unintentionally funny would be something where it's done with straight face, but end results are just hilarious. Now Metal Gear does have some momments where when game tries to be serious but ends up being funny. But I wouldn't call it "unintentionally funny".

I have to throw Prayer Warriors in here. Because o.m.g. (pun not intended). Here's some guys (the LRR crew) dropping it on their friend for a surprise LP -

Should have just given the first slot to Bethesda rather than Skyrim. Rotating head bug anyone? Red Dead Redemption is pretty funny when the Euphoria IK animation freaks out and Marston starts humping a rock.

Whoa, someone else remembers Revolution X. I remember renting that from Blockbuster a couple of times. Yes, a couple, I was a dumb ass kid that liked to play arcade shooters with no light gun. The ammo in Rev X were CDs, and you could somehow get a golden CD, but my memory of that game is either vague, or repressed.

Jedi Academy had some unintentionally hilarious moments, between the way that characters only move their mouths in briefings like Punch and Judy puppets, or a scene where you just happen to stumble across the Millennium Falcon and Kyle Katarn's voice actor completely fails to control his sarcasm at the idea of this being a surprise.

Also, the bot AI in Battlefield 1942 was capable of producing some funny moments because it tended to be quite derpy at times. A number of times I was being chased by a tank, ran into a house, ran out the back entrance of the house and just kept rolling grenades under the tank while it continued to desperately peer into the front of the house in case I suddenly came out that way.

That outfit from Damnation blows my mind every time. I still can't believe someone looked at that and thought "yep, we want this in our game".

In an industry that produces such gems as cop-dressed-as-a-stripper-dressed-as-a-cop Carmelita Fox and the entire cast of Soul Calibur, is it really surprising that this is what we get out of fan-made games?


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