Escapist Podcast: 135: Dragon Age: Inquisition Is Coming

135: Dragon Age: Inquisition Is Coming

This week, the staff discusses the recent trailer and release date announcement for Dragon Age: Inquisition. We also hit up how Valve is starting to turn down the vile in DOTA 2 and another case of gamers prank calling in SWAT.

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The thing about calling the house is that is the last thing they want to do. They do not know who is supposed to answer the phone. A killer could simply answer the phone and say, "oh, no. Everything here is fine." And now the intruder knows that the police are on the way. When dealing with dangerous people time is a crucial factor. The minute or 2 is takes to call and check could be the 45 seconds the killer decided to start going crazy.

Then you have to consider what sending a squad car in means as opposed to a larger force. If they send a squad car one officer goes to the door and another is ready at the radio. The door opens and the person inside kills the cop. Now you got one cop trying to stay alive as s/he calls for backup and now the SWAT team is 8 minutes away. Sure sending the whole SWAT team costs a lot of money and sending a squad car is cheaper and faster, but if the threat is real then the money and resources spent could save those officers lives.

Unless you feel that people's lives should be weighed against the dollar amount, sending in a large armed force just makes sense.

Sucks that Greg has to "live with" liking DA2. Yeah, it was a pretty shitty game, but it's just a game and it's his opinion. People need to get over it.

Sucks that Greg has to "live with" liking DA2. Yeah, it was a pretty shitty game, but it's just a game and it's his opinion. People need to get over it.

I agree, the other thing I really don't understand is the argument that someone will never buy another BioWare game ever because of the last two games, I get the opinion they will wait and see and determine it on what other people are saying, but to just say "never again" seems a little extreme.

Of course my opinion on Dragon Age 2 was that it was a poor BioWare game, but an average game compared to the other titles being released at the time.

the MMA fighter they will be fighting is a close friend of CCP Guard and acutally trained him for years. It wont be as onesided as you think.

DOTA 2 thing you got wrong. they are not supposed to answer honestly. they are supposted to realize themselves they are not being honest and it works under assumtion that they got guilt complex.

as far as modifying your Xbox and unlikable names. well tough, they should not have a right to ban you for modifying a product you own.

gta5 d. not really ambitios. perhaps nly in a way that to show the middle finger to microsoft who thinks they have a right to control mods.

also everyone plays survival mode of minecraft. and the aim of the gamei s to defeat a dragon and FREE endermen.


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