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The concept of bartering for goods and services via the 'Net occurred far earlier in mankind's history than previously suspected...

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Tiberius absolutely stunned. Me favorite video, share on Torgsnet.

Amaranth like video. Amaranth hear this call "plus one." Amaranth no count. No understand concept of one.

This is a hilarious video. But if it's a sendup of Craigslist, doesn't it need more people offering sexual favours for inane products?

Darth_Payn make many happy sounds from belly at moving picture. Move around thing called "mouse" for make picture go. Cannot eat mouse. Want give a thumb for liking.

*wipes tear from eye*

*starts to slow clap*

Beautiful guys, simple beautiful

Can't want to see the loading time from this one


Krog might have made list, but I made book. My book better than your list.

I honesty wouldn't be surprised if internet sites were invented by cave men. Can't wait for the loading time!

That Tweet quite good!
Also, video inspire many replies in funny ancient talk! Haha!

This was hilarious, logging in after a while just to congratulate LRR!

Me love it. Groh love net and being hunter on net, surprise and great laughs were had. Much more wanted.

I see also Krog come up with idea for making Birds angry by showing throwing birds at things to send message.

Absolute classic. Love it! Maybe a spiderweb on the net... and... er... yeah, like you did it.

*tears of laughter* Absolutely fantastic! Need more of this!

On a side-note: This may be the ideal way to make Internet issues understandable for senior U.S. politicians!

Perfect delivery on all fronts.

I lol'd and rofl'd, 'n such.

That's wonderfully retarded. I haven't enjoyed one of your videos this much since that creepy toilet paper connoisseur one, so many years ago.


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