Trailers: Wolfenstein: The New Order - "Stealth vs. Mayhem" Gameplay Trailer

Wolfenstein: The New Order - "Stealth vs. Mayhem" Gameplay Trailer

Doesn't matter if you like to play it quiet or go loud and proud, there's plenty of Nazi killing options available in the new Wolfenstein.

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YES. I love these trailers. Looking forward to seeing how the game turns out in the end.

... yeah, mayhem caught my attention.
Let me at em'!
My inner dual-wielding warrior calls to me!

So does my past ... we need to kill Nazis ... with dual-everything!

But yeah, this looks pretty awesome so far, I hope it breaths new life into the FPS genre. ^_^


Right on, grandpa nutjob!

Seriously looking forward to this, even if I frown at some of the heavier of the heavy-handed Tarantino stuff (dual wielding sniper rifles? Really?). But that's just personal taste: roll on Wolfenstein!


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