Shut Up and Sit Down: Pandemic, Expansions & Penicillin

Pandemic, Expansions & Penicillin

Matt Lees takes a closer look at the disease-ridden cooperative board game Pandemic and its expansions.

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Too bad I have no friends, so the game is out. However, Laphroaig (a Scott would murder you for calling the "the frog") is my favourite scotch! I might have to try that concoction... and suffer the ensuing headache :)

Although I enjoyed it, it mostly fell flat with a couple casual groups I tried to play it with. I think of Pandemic as a "losing is fun" type game, but many people simply hate losing. However, playing the easier version is kind of boring.

Although I enjoyed it somewhat, I found that it committed the cardinal sin of cooperative games: All players have all the information and all the same goals, so if one or two of the four players are more experienced with the game or just generally take-charge types, they can orchestrate everything else while the other players basically just watch them play the game.

Great appraisal of Pandemic, Matt. Really matches up with my experience of the game. :)


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