Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Annoying Princesses

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Sniper Team 4:

I didn't know Yuffie was supposed to be a Princess.

That was my thought too, but then I remembered something. Yuffie is the daughter of the village chief, and therefore is set to take over as head ninja one day. That can technically make her a princess, although I don't think her village uses those types of titles.
Plus, Lisa said she wasn't even sure if Yuffie qualified as a princess, so no harm done in my opinion. :-)

Loved that line at the end. "So...let's hate on Daisy instead." Poor Daisy. Girl gets no love.

I vaguely remember something about her being "the single white rose of Wutai" where she came from. I know her father was some kinda big thing.
I actually don't mind Yuffie. When she's not annoying she's pretty awesome.

That Princess Peach cosplay is adorable too XD

I missed Yuffie on my first playthrough of FF7. She's a random encounter with about a 90% chance of a hit or something. I missed.

After some Chocobo breeding I finally made it to that other island and it didn't make any sense to me.

Second playthrough I got her, she annoyed me to no end.

I did not miss Vincent, because when I see a room with accessible items there's no way you're going to stop me.


In defense of Rozalin, she is 1: a demon, evil incarnate, 2: a spoiled brat, and 3: is supposed to be, and as mentioned, grows as a person as the story progresses among other things. Nothing is worse than Adel in D2 though. Fuck Adel.

Also, Sapphire is a psychopath.

Lol at Daisy, well played!

I'd like to add Bastila from kotor, i know she's not a princess but she sure acts like one :\

Actually replaying that at the moment and MOTHER OF GOD, that woman makes my blood boil in the early game!

She cops on a lot after your first Star Map, though, but, yeah, before that, she only got brought on missions for the lighsaber & force powers...

I was expecting gratuitous use of the 80s cartoon link going "Hey! Excuuuuse ME, Princess!"

I was kinda disappointed that it didn't happen even once.

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