Feed Dump: The Sweet Smell of Theft

The Sweet Smell of Theft

Victory has never smelled so... pungent and overwhelming.

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Congratulations, Kathleen! I'm so happy that Graham finally stopped dragging his feet and married you. You're a lucky, oddly bearded woman.

For anyone confused. Paul had a semi viral channel on youtube called Things on my Head.

It's exactly what it sounds like.

Uhhh... does James know the incredibly negative implications towards Graham of claiming that Kathleen has a beard?

And, wow, be glad your new wife didn't walk into the room when you and Alex went into seizures for the post-credits. That would have been awkward.

Now I want a desert bus mosh pit

How on earth do you fence shower gel? That one guy in the pub?

Hog roast. That is what you want for a Game of Thrones watching party. A large Game of Thrones watching party.

Technically, murder is breaking up!

For anyone confused. Paul had a semi viral channel on youtube called Things on my Head.

It's exactly what it sounds like.

And it was a stretch goal for their Kickstarter, and they didn't quite get there!

Ahh, well... at least we get new Crapshots.

This is possibly the best Feed Dump of all time.

Reddit really is the best place to find a gyros that's been sitting around for three hours. ;p

Also, two-person mosh pit FTW!

I have a worse way to break up;

Send him an email after dating for 4 years, when he doesn't have the internet, and then tell a team of large individuals that he violated you, then wait for fireworks when he innocently arrives to ask "are you ok, you haven't returned my phone calls" (time before everyone had cell phones)... the apology I received from the now repentant, and "born again", women some years later, on myspace ...after it died.., still fills me with an indignant rage (the physical scars and still slightly crooked nose don't help).

...Was this the first time Paul hosted? I can't remember if he has before. Regardless, excellent as always and now to order some Greek burritos.

Congrats James and Ashley.

On a different note, the "Things on My Head" out of nowhere had me laughing my ass off.

This is possibly the best Feed Dump of all time.

I agree. Amazing job guys!

I feel like I should've seen the Things on my Head bit coming, but I didn't. Instead I laughed my ass off.

Moshpit? Is that what they call it in Canada, because I take pills for that.

Cousin Sleaze has nothing on Goatwhore in terms of their name.

I think Paul was murdered for being a usurper.

Kathleen has such a lovely beard. I am jealous. I am unable to grow any form of beard.

Yee-Roh. I used to have trouble remembering how to say Gyro all the time until a Greek restaurant owner almost chased me off with a broom. From that day forward he had scribbled that phonetic pronunciation on the menu next to the word.

You'd think the guy who always wears a greek hat would have had a few choice words to say there... OPA!

Uh oh, I feel like this just happened to Paul: http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090504195508/en.futurama/images/7/7e/Brainslug.jpg

That was the first thing that came to my mind.

Paul should have used some Axe shampoo. Brain slugs hate that more than garlic-based.

That was an awesome meta-joke at the end before the credits. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. Kudos, Paul (and Alex & James & Kathleen)

Paul using the word fuck many times is like finding out Koala Bears have to poo.

It's something that's normal and not out of the ordinary. But it's weird when you finally realise it/witness it.

So Paul goes catatonic when you put something on his head, out of habit. That stare is going to haunt me.

I like that /r/gyros exists. As time of writing it it consists in its entirety of one photo of gyros from a year ago and one person referencing this show.

Paul, you should be Graham more often. Feed Dump needs more Paul in general.

Paul cannot handle the power that comes with that seat. In the end, it changed him.


And making a guest cameo this week, the "Things on my Head" vlog returns for one last shot at chonchy glory.


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