Doomsday Arcade: Episode Two

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Episode Two

The videogame characters have started a revolt. Lund and Shanks are all that stands in the way of total armageddon. God help us all.

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Absolute genius man, absolute genius. Been wondering when this would come out, and the wait was definitely worth it.
"Whisker's on kittens, whisker's on kittens!"

Fuck your kittens! Hilarious. Do you think they've realised how many matrix jokes they could do?

This is so well edited, good job guys

Great work gents, you guys are stellar film editors and fairly good comedy writers. I'm looking forward to more.

Very funny, very brilliant. Overall top-notch job. Keep it up!

This was so good. I wasn't sure if you'd be able to keep this series going and still have the same punch as the first episode, but this was fantastic. Well edited, well acted, well done. Looking forward to more.

The Three Dog part did it for me.

Well I can't say that I enjoyed it too much. See thread on the previous installment for reasoning.

Amazing editing and just brilliant all round!

Time to bring you the newsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

Awesome episode, loved pacman keep this rolling

Eh, I liked the first episode more, but it was still good.

Haha, that was awesome. "Are we smiles?" *looks at bloodied face*
Can't wait till the series gets into the fights and such.

Loved the HHGttG nods.

God damnit, Escapist.
I can't go to the homepage anymore, that picture scares the shit out of me!

this was great. totally liked this so much more than the first episode. looks like you've hit the ground running, keep up the great work!


That was great, my favorite part was the whole console thing. Perfect.

The anime eyes were hilarious and they looked great too.
I loved the bit where he says "Spawn a... woman!" because I was totally thinking that just before he said it.
The only problem I have with this series is it's biweekly but I suppose you can't sacrifice quality for quantity.

I enjoyed it fully. Favorite was the Anti-Cheat system.

Absolutely great work, enjoyed that a hell of a lot, I laughed so hard at some of the references too, like the hitch hikers guide one :D.

For the love of god never do the photoshop eyes again...that just wrong.

Wow, I never expected them to last more than an episode, thinking it would have been just an one episode 'wonder'.

Well done.

Wow, I never expected them to last more than an episode, thinking it would have been just an one episode 'wonder'.

Well done.

That was my thinking exactly: I was very worried that they'd just lose momentum, but this seems to show that they'll be going strong for a while yet.

Great work guys: just a shame it's fortnightly! :(

Ok, that was a lot better that I though it was going to be. Good job.

Haha, so true god I was hoping that that was just a picture and they didn't actually show it in the clip. It isn't scary to me, it is just disturbing.....

Absolutely brilliant, keep up the good work guys! But yes, I will be having nightmares thanks to the smiley faces.

The bloody smiling face was horrific. Thanks for that. The camera direction was somewhat jumpy, but it worked for the most part.

My personal highlight was "spawn Russian bride".

This was really, really awesome. Genious! Too bad it comes out every OTHER Thursday

God damnit, Escapist.
I can't go to the homepage anymore, that picture scares the shit out of me!

Whose idea of a joke was it to put that....thing as the thumbnail image for the video?
Not funny.

Whiskers on kittens, whiskers on kittens... Fuck your kittens :D

some of it was funny, but to wait two weeks, and to have no plot advancement besides turning on god mode is kind of a letdown, here's to hoping the next installment actually goes somewhere.

Better than the first, looking forward to the next one now, heh.

"Fuck your kittens!! Kurrrrr!"
Brilliant! even though I thought the beginning was a bit slow paced

very cleverly done. ace referances and can't wait for the the next one. Brings back some faith in Escapist after a slurry of over rated filler.

whiskers on kittens
whiskers on kittens
whiskers on kittens
whiskers on kittens...

well, it was a big step up for me from the first one (Strictly for the console interface really) but overall I'm still fairly disappointed. Some of the jokes seem very forced and the musical whatevers that play along with the jokes tend to really send the message that, hey! we're making a joke! which, unfortunately tends to make it that much less funny. The console interface thing was fantastic, though, and I think they could go farther if they... get a bit better at acting. There, I said it, I think that the acting is really the lowest part of the show. It does have potential, though, and I think I'll keep watching.

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