24: Live Another Day Premiere Recap

24: Live Another Day Premiere Recap

Jack Bauer is back for another run in a 12-episode event entitled 24: Live Another Day. So was the inaugural episode worthy of the excitement?

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Well heck, I may as well "first" this one!

I liked the episode. Was like putting on your favorite hoodie when the chill starts coming on. It felt like 24 had never taken a hiatus and I can't wait for the rest Was rather annoyed I had to watch it in SD at the time since I couldn't tune to the HD channel, but that's another story.

Eh, I only managed to stomach 30 minutes of the 2 hour premier. The show suffers from a severe case of "Prometheus Syndrome", where people who are supposedly the consummate professionals in their field act like a bunch of mouth-breathing f**ktards.

Yeah, it wasn't super exciting, I'll still watch.

While there are just ten episodes left, they will be covering 24 hours, so expect some jumps in time.

It was better than season 5 and 6. That's for damn sure

I didn't mind it, though me and my housemate have always enjoyed 24 even while we make fun of it and everyone in it.

Philip Harris:
The show's second pickle: it tries to do what Game of Thrones does in terms of character development. On Game of Thrones, no one is truly good or bad. Everyone occupies a self-serving gray space.

Because Game of thrones invented morally grey characters, right ? Jack has always been willing to do horrible things, if they were required for the job...or revenge. Besides there are truly good and truly bad(morally speaking) characters on Game of Thrones. The good ones just end up dead pretty quickly.

Overall I liked it. It was pretty much what I expected. Nothing ground-breaking, but still pretty good.


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