Review: Need For Speed: Undercover

Review: Need For Speed: Undercover

Need For Speed: Undercover has all the elements of a Fast and the Furious movie. Unfortunately, they add up to a pretty mediocre game.

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EA needs to start new game series, need for speed is over!!!

But it's only over because they killed it, albeit unintentionally :(

NFS: Undercover got a 4/10 on IGN

Midnight Club: Los Angeles is WAY better.

The starting premise is pretty much the same as the original 'Driver' on the PS1. By that i mean it sounds like a carbon copy. What are the story developers in these game companys getting paid? coz i wanna do a job where i spend a day writting note of an old game then spend another few months j*rk*ng myself off. Sorry to go a bit blue there, but it really annoys me that games companies feel that they can just steal ideas and then expect us to swallow them.

Oh and the first Fast anf Furious movie, came out after the Driver, and had a very similar plot down to the main character having the same name i believe... the only addition being the N2O. lol. I'm so angry.


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