Bound By Flame Review - Mild Fire

Bound By Flame Review - Mild Fire

Spiders' latest game is a thoroughly Spiders' experience - it's charming, it's bursting with fun ideas, and it's an absolutely chaotic mess.

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It's a shame it isn't what everyone was expecting.

I'll buy it anyway, i like to support studios that at least try to do something new, and love what they do.
ESPECIALLY when it comes to RPG's.

Wasn't really on my radar before and it sounds interesting. It also sounds like something that I will not even consider buying until it's either really cheap or has been thoroughly patched.

The combat differences sound like they were designed specifically for a class and not for whatever class you chose. If the enemies were designed for the class you are not playing they will feel way off.

I might pick this up after the price goes down and it's been patched. From what I've read about the game so far, it's not worth the $40 they're selling it for. And I'm not one who believes in buying something from a developer(of any size), just because I want to "support" them.

That's a shame, this game has had quite a bit of hype behind it. Hopefully Spiders (god that name creeps me out) take the feedback on board and patch the game into a more playable state.

Let's hope Lords of the Fallen can fare a little better. It'd be nice to see a new IP do well.

1. I can't buy it right now even though I want to.
2. I'll wait till they can patch the game a bit post-release after responding to customer feedback, then I'll get it when funds become available.

This and Lords of the Fallen were two action-rpgs I had my eye on so far this year.

so it's like alpha protocol without chris avellone writing and the charm of the more or less untouched setting.
well, steam summer sales are a few month out.

Alright, I'll throw in my two cents. I got this game on PSN for PS4 on the 6th (kinda regret it.) Been looking forward to it for a while. The graphics are alright. They get the job done. The combat system is decent, except for the lack of a roll button (you can dodge if you're a ranger though) and the enemies don't seem to react to your attacks. My biggest peeve though, far above and beyond anything else (and if it were better then I wouldn't care about the other issues) is the god damn voice acting and dialogue. It is fucking horrible. Absolutely terrible. They throw around curse words all the time, which I generally don't care about, but it makes it seem like the main character (because he kinda already has a pre-made attitude) is from the 21st century instead of whatever medieval century this is in. It really breaks immersion for me. Does not fit the time period at all. That, and, like I said, the writing is just bad. If there's only a few things I care about in an RPG its story, writing and dialogue. This stumbles in that department.

Okay so I got this game pre-ordered and everything and it was kind of painfully generic at first, and definitely rough around the edges, but two things sold me on it by the end. First of all, while the first four allies you recruit are so generic (Innocent Mage Girl, Elf Ranger, Foreign Warrior, Skanky Witch) the last party member you get can only be described as a Zombie Pimp and he is a beautiful thing to behold. I'm not going to say any more about that because you really do have to see it to believe. Secondly, the demon transformation is probably the most impressive I've ever seen in a game like this. I had to pause the game to catch my breath it was so beautiful.

Still, definitely only recommended for long time RPG fanatics (like, the closest thing I can compare it to off the top of my head is Gothic or the first Witcher game) who can look past all the sketchiness. Not a bad game in the slightest, but it is one of those games you'll only enjoy if you want to.

This sounds a bit like the Risen and Gothic games. Cheesy, low-budget RPGs that are still somehow totally compelling and well worth playing. Risen 2: Dark Waters had pirates in it ffs. Pirates!

Precisely my impression of the game, to the letter. Aside from Mathras (who is fabulous) and the super-smooth double-dagger-fighting, the game is very... schlocky. Sometimes adorably so, usually not. But it copies enough modern WRPGs to be at least a filling pre-Witcher-3/Dragon-Age-3 snack.


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