Miracle of Sound: Fistful of Concrete (Infamous: Second Son Song)

I havent played the game but the villan seems much more interesting than the main guy


Seems like I have a new song at the top of: greatest of Miracle of Sound.
Not sure if it's the best, but really digged this one.
Very energetic and fast paced, just the way I like it :)

I know nothing about the game, seems interesting, maybe worth a try?!?!?!

Very good song, once again!

That is full on Alice in Chains if I ever heard it. One of the best bands to come out of Seattle during the 90s and you nailed the bass of both Mike's and the vocal harmony. Great job Gav.

I usually don't do this but you had me nodding my head along with the beat here and grinning.

This song is like a shot of distilled awesome administered intravenously.

Really dug the hell out of this song. Great guitar riffs!

Great song for a great game! It's definitely in the same vein as Alice in Chains. Way to get Seattle with it, Gav.


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