Why You Should Be Watching Orphan Black: A Season One Recap

Why You Should Be Watching Orphan Black: A Season One Recap

Filled with controversial subject matter, the BBC series Orphan Black has a lot to keep track of in its short 10-episode season. Here's a recap of Season 1.

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Just started watching it a few days ago, through about five episodes now and it's really ramping up.

Highly recommended.

Also happy it's Canadian. Keep thinking I see parts of Winnipeg in it sometimes, though it's set in Ontario, I think. Will have to look into that.

I too, can recommend this show. Gripping writing, air-tight pacing and superb acting.

It's a series that other shows should learn from - short is sweet. Maybe it could expand to 12-15 episodes, but keeping it far less than the normal 20+ is a good idea. As the review says, it cuts way down on superfluous filler episodes *coughJack'sTattoo'scough*, it focuses the writers on getting the most out there in the shortest amount of time and makes every scene count.

And it's ambiguously Canadian; sometimes it seems to try to be New York, but often it is far more like Toronto and that area of Ontario, giving it a different feel from other shows set in New York state. Being Canadian that does make me biased in its favour.

I'm glad the Escapist is going to give it some love, and I look forward to seeing what comes up this year and beyond.

Started to watch it last week, because that's when it hit TV in Norway (or they are recapping, it's like 3 episodes a week and it's concluding next week). It's ok 6 episodes in (amazing if it says this way).

Yeah I take the chance to recommend this show to everyone. If just to watch Tatiana Maslany. I started watching it as I was kinda working on some other things, then it suddenly got really good and I had to pay attention.

Slight disclaimer, Sarah's cockney accent can be a little grating and it can sound right off if you're from the UK. Some of my friends couldn't get through the first episode because of it. (despite my protests and insistence that it gets better)

Also the glimpses of the GO system and other canadian sights make me smile a little.

Why you should be watching Orphan Black? It's because Helena is awesome!!
But seriously, if she wasn't there, I'd drop it. Psychotic characters are the best.

Very generic show with average writing (like 95% of TV shows). What makes it interesting is how well the lead actor plays all the clones.

Actually set in Toronto, but as a CTV/BBC America co-production, I can understand the confusion.

I'm on episode 4. I'm liking it just fine. If you're looking for something to watch and like sci-fi thrillers, you could do worse than watch this.

It isn't Fringe yet, but so far so good.

The show is great but I do kind of wish they'd keep the 'impersonating a cop' angle going for a while longer. I felt that it had a lot of room to grow.


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