Enemy Starfighter Preview - Homeworld Meets Battlestar Galactica

Enemy Starfighter Preview - Homeworld Meets Battlestar Galactica

There's a flurry of space sims on the horizon, but Enemy Starfighter is assuredly one that deserves a parking spot in the hangar.

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I have had my eyes on this since the first trailer launched many moons back. It's so, so damn pretty.

Wow, I think I need this game, not want, NEED. But you're right, that really is like the bastard love child of homeworld and freespace.

I love space.
Love it.
pew pew pew

I got to play this game at pax east this year with the oculus and hoooooolly shit was it fun!

Never heard of it.
Totally off my radar.

I would like to know more.


I'm in the same position. Didn't even know it existed.

Looks absolutely amazeballs amount of fun. Space sims and pew pew ftw. <3

This game looks soooo much like homeworld, it has to be intentional.
And the only thing that could make me happier would be an actual new Homeworld.
If the preview holds up when the game is released, nice.

edit: Thinking about it, while Homeworld:Shipbreakers and the Homeworld: Remastered is on the Horizon, maybe Relic should jump in here, too?
Making Homeworld a name not only for strategy veterans.

Enemy Starfighter is to Homeworld, what Valkyrie is to EVE Online - except Enemy Starfighter seems to be more fun to play, and I dig the Homeworld look! Definitely on my radar now!

Wait- the developer is ex-Pandemic? No WONDER it looks so good. Honestly the ex-Bungie creds didn't mean much but Pandemic? I already knew I wanted the game, but now I NEED the game!


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