Escapist News Now: New Sunset Overdrive Information - "Tony Hawk with Guns"

New Sunset Overdrive Information - "Tony Hawk with Guns"

Escapist News talks to to the team behind the upcoming Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive.

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Oh wow! This game looks amazingly fun. A post-apocalyptic game with actual color and excitement? Heck, a video game in GENERAL that has some color and excitement! I've been dying for a game that doesn't take itself so serious and focuses more of fun. I mean, really, modern games are all so serious about themselves that it's a rarity to be laughing and have a good time. They're all brown and gritty and serious, not to say that gritty and dramatic games aren't appealing in some ways (Spec Ops: The Line was a grand experience), but it would really be nice to play a game for FUN, for once. If this game gets good reviews I might just buy an Xbox One for it.

I feel the same way as Steve.
I am just so glad that someone besides Nintendo is making a console exclusive that is about fun and colorful environments and just wacky gameplay. I am rarely this excited for a game that I've only seen Previews for, but... This is definitely something special. Not to mention, I've loved many Insomniac games in the past (most recently Resistance) so I am already pretty confident that this will turn out well.

Now, does someone else think that the aliens from Resistance looked just like the mutants here?

Man, this looks like a whole lot of fun. Really looking forward to it.

Damm, I wish this wasn't exclusive, but I won't buy an Xbone just for this.


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